Fun Stuff: Flip Over Bruce Lee

fs_flipbkSilly, kitschy and cool. Bruce Lee flip books from the mind of some guy hot on the trail of millions. Right from the time of his movie successes, Bruce Lee knock-offs abounded, not to mention the three-dimensional biological units such as Bruce Li, Bruce Lai, Conan Lee, Dragon Lee and many more. On the other hand these claim to be published by the Bruce Lee Jeet-kune Do Club in Hong Kong. The blurb at the top says, “Just train by imitating the actions in this book; everybody can attain Bruce Lee’s martial technique.” Oh, darn and we spent all that money on equipment!

Each book contains two scenes from his films and, as someone with animation experience, I can say that the binding and setting of the frames is actually quite good. Set of five. If you have them we’d guess about $30.00 a piece.

Note: I think this item was one of the first in our series of Fun Stuff. And, to this day, we STILL have people who desparately want to purchase or at least learn more about these admittedly superior units. At present they reside in our vault (shoe box) wherever that is…

2 Responses to “Fun Stuff: Flip Over Bruce Lee”

  1. Terry P Hill says:

    Where can I get them ? How much ?

  2. Plum Staff says:

    Hi Terry,
    Unfortunately, these are in our library, and are just on our site as ‘fun stuff.’ I haven’t seen copies of these in years, other than the ones we have.

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