Paul Eng Interview Excerpt

Master Paul Eng, who passed away in January, 2015, was a well known instructor specializing in the Tai Mantis style. A long time practitioner and teacher he has produced many fine students. He started his training at the age of six. After coming to America in 1949 he acted as Chief Instructor for the Fu Jow Pai in New York then San Francisco. He entered the army and served in Viet Nam where he taught Kung Fu and studied with reknowned instructor Jiu Jook Kite. On returning to the U.S. he combined with Raymond Wong and Kam Yuen to form the Tai Mantis Association.

This is a short excerpt from an hour long interview he gave to Plum in 2008. If you are interested in Sifu Eng’s books and DVDs (and the longer interview) click HERE