2005, December 27 later: Special Note: The first female professor of martial arts in Chinese history died December 25th of 2005. Wang Ju Rong, a true master of the arts, has passed away. The daughter of the famous Wang Zi Ping, Madam Wang set a high standard of teaching, demonstrating and creating forms such as the Tai Chi Single Fan, Flying Rainbow Double Fans and more. A national grade Wu Shu judge in China she held high standards for all her work. We once witnessed a demonstration of the Double Hook swords (another of her specialties) at a huge San Francisco tournament after the jumping and cartwheeling demos by other groups. Her elegance and control put everyone else to shame. The only comparable experience was watching Margot Fontayne enter the stage on her fiftieth birthday and, with a few batement, show a skill level where grace and ease become dynamic. We have no doubt that Wang Ju Rong is a name that will be remembered.

2005, December 27: There are a number of controversial subjects in the martial arts. One of the most provocative is the existence of KONG QI or "empty Chi." Can energy be projected outside the body? Such things make physicists shake their heads, and with good reason. Here are two well known book by Jan Diepersloot on the uses and practices of Marital Meditation Training. His series, the Warriors of Stillness, is involved with energy work in Yang Tai Chi and the popular Yi Quan style.

2005, December 27: We just spent HOURS redrawing the title page for Lion Books - that noted published of martial arts texts in Taiwan - and adding over a dozen titles to this section. Also some very popular texts have returned such as the Liu Yun Chiao memorial edition. A new selection of BaJi Quan work books have also arrived with a lot of applications and even some sections where the BaJi postures of different masters are compared.

2005, December 26: We have just added a new Randy Williams Wing Chun book from his elegantly designed and printed series: black binding (sometimes with a little crease but that's black binding and gold borders). The last book is on the Wooden Dummy and also the Wing Chun Plum Blossom poles, a less known practice instrument. As we've said we have a new text on those great old boxing manuals printed in the first half of the 20th century. We've added a box so you can go directly to those great reprints of these hard to find and frankly charming texts. Look at the bottom of the page for the linked names.

2005,December 23: Right now we're concentrating on Chinese language books many of which we've never had before. (We're also trying to post another "Instructor's Notebook." Some recent additions are by Li Ying Arng, one of the first Chinese martial writers to be recognized in the west. We have an edited collection of Wang Xian Zhai's work (the founder of the popular Yi Quan) and Li's own book on 72 Hands Chin Na. We have added Chinese texts on Five Ancestors Boxing and Shaolin Liu He. And we're about to post a nice edition of Wang Shu Jin's "BaGua Swimming Body Boxing." Whew!

2005, December 21: We've been slow on the weblog because we have SO much new stuff! But there are also some welcome returns. Two of these, in Chinese, are Li Ying Arng's famous 72 HANDS book and the impressive 100 YEARS OF PRAYING MANTIS. Also we have a new shipment of that hard-to-find English translation of another, very well known book: Yen Te Hwa's PAKUA FOR SELF DEFENSE. This is what some have called the only really good BaGua book written in the first half of the 20th century.

2005, December 16: O.k. we admit it. Even we have trouble navigating through our Tai Chi Books page. But we've taken steps to organize the sock drawer so give a look. Remember we list not only Tai Chi , but Xing Yi, BaGua and Liu He Ba Fa books all in the same place..... Also we have just added three new DVDs of what we call "working Wing Chun" with emphasis on applications and some very nifty class exercises.

2005, December 12: There are, in our opinion, far too few Southern Kung Fu styles presentations of high quality. Here we've added some DVDs that represent some of our Wong Fai Hung series. Have a gander....

2005, December 6: More about this later, but we are so anxious to introduce this that we can't wait. After months of preparations here is the first major DVD on T'ien Shan P'ai - Heaven Mountain Style - by the man who introduced it to the United States: Willy Lin. Willy has been contributing to the American Kung Fu scene for many years. He is one of the most enthusiastic and effervescent instructors you will every see, and one of the most honest. Here is his first contribution to recording his beloved style in this DVD called 24 BEAT (Primary Fist).

2005, December 3: When we started Kung Fu training in the Sixties the Iron Palm was considered a rare and mysterious art. But even the first book on the subject, not to mention rumors among practitioners, talked about the "other " training, namely the "Poison Hand" arts. Here is a series of VCDs that shows some aspects (though certainly not all) of this method. We now review and present Wu Dang Tai He Boxing. Just for a moment's contemplation; here's another "casual" piece: this time on "Borrowed Energy."

2005, December 2: Joseph Crandall continues his Herculean task of translating many key texts of the internal school. Here is a double translation of two texts both on the same "Turning Sword" form of the BaGua school ..

2005, November 29: Chinese Training Manuals is a book, just published, on those great old fashioned training manuals of Kung Fu so many people collect. Here are many of those neat old texts ...

2005, November 27: Dai Family Xing Yi is here to order. Take a look and see ...

2005, November 26: Once again we've got a lot of nice stuff coming. One of these is a complete set of DAI family Xing Yi VCDs which are one of the most requested branches of the art we have. Another is a addition to our Fun Stuff section (if you haven't seen this your should take a look. It shows the silly and the hilarious items associated with the martial arts). This time we are going to have an AUCTION of hard to find VHS tapes many of which even we don't sell. Keep a look out for these and more...

2005, November 23: Without a doubt, one of our most popular series in Chinese has been the trilogy by BaGua expert Zhu Bao Zhen. But it is no longer a trilogy because he has released a Fourth Volume of this master work totally over 2000 pages!

2005, November 22: We are excited to announce the newest release from our old friend and teacher, Willy Lin. The first will be a form we still teach at our own schools the 24 Beats, a great beginning set. Willy is the first, and to our minds main, representative of the Heaven Mountain Style to ever teach in the United States (not to mention Brazil). Keep an eye out for this. Also if you like Northern Shaolin kicking we've just posted a couple of neat sets.

2005, November 15: Tim Cartmell is an experienced and dedicated practitioner who has just translated Tong Zhongyi's book on the Method of Chinese Wrestling (our second English rendition of this book) also known as the art of Shuai Jiao. If you are interested in grappling methods, take a look ....

2005, November 14: Huge in China, the Mei Flower (often translated as Plum Blossom) style is hardly known in the rest of the world. Here are two petals of that brave flower with our new VCDs, the first time this style has been available in this format, and a reprint of one of the earliest articles in English on the subject ...

2005, November 12: There are very few records of detailed information not just instructional but deeply personal and keenly observed. A new translation by Marcus Brinkman of a 1933 text by Zhang Nai Qi is a real pleasure to read because it thoroughly discusses observations on internal training, posture, some very original theories about just those difficult to explain concepts like where is the "real" Tan Tian, what is the relation of fatigue to relaxation, and much more. The translation is a bit pricey but the translation is of great interest for its honesty about internal practice. When it was first published it brought the criticism of many teachers such as Yi Quan practitioners but, conversely, many have assimilated the observations contained in this long essay ...

2005, November 10: There are a lot of Wing Chun books out there. This series by Randy Williams is sort of special. It is beautifully printed and chock full of information. We've never had these books before and hope people will take a look at them...

2005, November 08: Once again one of our writer's, Travis Rath, deals with the real heart of an issue faced by many martial artists each day: why we practice. View Travis' interesting take on this topic and see what you think.

2005, November 05: A couple of new books in our ever popular Chinese text editions: The Shaolin Five Animals illustrated and a rare book in Chinese on the Chen Man Qing short form by teacher Song Zhi Jian.

2005, November 04: We sell certain editions of books known in the trade as "hurts." These are very inexpensive texts with a ding here or there, a great way for the financially strapped martial enthusiast to get a hand on some great information with savings often over 50%. Our newest additions to this section include a very good text by Shihfu Wen Mei Yu on the art of Chi Kung generally and the Wild Goose specifically.

2005, October 30: An organized approach to Push Hands can be very helpful if you are exploring the contents of the Tai Chi. We have now organized all our Push Hands DVDs into such a page. Take a look.

2005, October 29: For the first time on the new, we offer a book about the famous fifth Road of Northern Shaolin, namely "Martial Skill." This is one of the main styles that authentically traces itself back to the Shaolin Temple.

2005, October 28: Sometimes you see a practitioner who is just plain GOOD. Our new Yang Qing (same as Lost Track) series has just such a player: Yuan Guo Jun. He is refined, complex, creative and animalistic. Go to Yan Qing VCDs and read about his flavor.

2005, October 27: Just time for a quick note before I'm off to teach: just added a DVD section on Praying Mantis with a note easily found DVD by Paul Eng often associated with the Tai Mantis group.

2005, October 26: Shuai Jiao is the Chinese art of wrestling. One famous instructor, Chang Dong Sheng, undefeated in his life, developed a version of Yang style Tai Chi known as Chang style. Dr. C. H. Weng has abstracted this style and developed a series of teaching DVDs connecting simple movements to Shuai Jiao throws. Interesting, kind of a combination of popularization and specilized applications.

2005, October 25: Two new DVDs (of the many we have to review) concentrate on Yang Tai Chi Push Hands, through the unsuual lineage of Tong Bei and the famous series of health exercises known as the Eight Pieces of Brocade. The Ba Duan Jin is one of the simplest of all ancient health practices to learn and in this case it is taught by a Chinese doctor.

2005, October 24: Once we started on the One Hand Videos listed below we realized that our Tai Chi Video section was in need of an overhaul. So check out the more updated version and see some fine tapes on the art.

2005, October 22: As more and more products are created from the martial arts there is more fluff and garbage but there is also more high quality stuff (probably in about the same proportions as before). Among others are a product that is not new to the market but keeps adding more quality information. This is the case of Geroge Xu's work for One Hand Video. Here we have reviewed and now add his "Fundamentals for Tai Chi" series, three tapes each one with special attributes. They follow somewhat a sequence but we have divided them into a pair and a single since the third can be completely separate.

2005, October 19: We have just added a very comprehensive book on the Hung System by our past instructor Kwong Wing Lam: anecdotes, applications, hit medicine and more.

2005, October 17: We're proud when we have promoted the martial arts postively in some manner. Of the styles we seemed to have brought to the attention of some enthusiasts is one famous in China but relatively obscure elsewhere named "Chuo Jiao." Now we add a second page on this interesting relatively "modern" style with ancient roots.

2005, October 14: Wan Lai Sheng was one of the Kung Fu "Northern Tigers" and knew our own great grandteacher, Gu Ru Zhang (another of that group) We have formerly offered his VCDs on ZiRan and Liu He Boxing and now add a good series on applications. Also, we are constantly updating our VCD title page. We hope our divisions of the style (not easy because Kung Fu styles mix region, individuals, animals, temples, etc.) will expedite your search. Give it a try.

2005, October 13: Whew, been busy promoting the arts.Our performance with the Watsonville Taiko Group was a lot of fun and came off well. If you want to see some of what we do locally you can visit our Reeling Silk Web Site.

2005, October 05: Yet another of the basic sets of the Praying Mantis. This vcd is on the well known Cha Chui set.

2005, October 04: Not posting quite as much because we are getting ready for a performance this weekend locally of martial arts combined with Japanese Drumming (TaiKo). We hope to share some of our Kung Fu with a local audience and have enjoyable time... Two new DVDs. The first is a rendition of one of our most popular VCDs namely on CHIN NA by a national female champion of China. The next is one of the first acceptable versions of FIVE ANIMAL PLAY which so many people have been asking about.

2005, October 03: Well, it's incredibly time consuming but we thought we'd make things easier, and more interesting, for you by creating a new NEXUS page. The first example we picked was on the Praying Mantis and it, basically, brings most of our site information on that great subject into one area. Give a look.

2005, September 30: OLD FRIENDS: Some books we sell out almost immediately. Here are some of those popular Chinese textswhich have returned in short stock, at least for a while:
BaGua Palms by Liu jing Ru (SC 301),
Wu Dang San Feng Tai Chi Sword by Liu Zi Zhuan (SC 609)
Shaolin Fundamentals (includes strength building) (SC113)
Lost Track #2 Partner Sets (SC 221)
Wu Dang Sword (SC 104)
Liang Style, Li Zi Ming's Ba Gua (SC 102)
Zhai Wei Chuan's text on Wu Style Tai Chi (SC421)
Wan Lai Sheng's WuShu teachings (SC605)

2005, September 28: We once had a student, an American, enter our Shaolin school and salute with his LEFT fist and RIGHT open hand. To which we immediately replied, "Oh, the Forbidden System. I can't teach you." he admitted he was a White Eyebrow student and we talked about the legend that White Eyebrow had burned down the Shaolin Temple. I remember the odd feeling about two European based whites keeping alive the grudge from old China. We did teach the student and have since gained a respect for this system which specializes in a certain type of whipping hand. Here's our first VCD offering in this fast and direct system.

2005, September 27: There are some easy claims anyone can make. You can say you are a wobblie, that you are a Taoist, or that you teach "medical" Chi Kung. Few will dispute you because it all interpretation - sort of. we see a lot of "Wu Dang" and "Taoist" and much of it is sub par which disappoints because we're on THEIR side, whatever that may be. Here's a couple of VCDs that take the Naturalness of Taoism not into forms, but usage. Liu Huan Jun is an old hand and making his disciples dance seems to give him pleasure. The Fa Jing (power issuance) here is quick and loose. The style? Wu Dang San Feng Zi Ren Men (Wu Dang San Feng "Nature" fighting).

September 26: In the world of BaGua there are many weapons which could just as easily be, say, Shaolin. Some, however, are perfectly adapted the style, such as the Elk Horn or Meridian Knives. Here's a new vcd on just that subject ... We have added another version of one of Xing Yi's most famous forms, ZaShiChui a combination of major movements.

2005, September 25: Two new DVDs, one of which is taken from one of our most popular vcds. The first is on Chin Na with martial Champion Yu Hong Jin. The other is of the popular Five Animals Play based on the actions of that medicial sage, Hua Tuo ...

2005, September 24 later: As we have mentioned before, we see a number of good martial artists regularly but only (as in all of life) rarely the truly outstanding. Wang Pei Sheng is one of that inner circle. Here are four more VCDs by this estimable practitioner. We are happy to offer them and, frankly, in this case being Wu Tai Chi or Gansu stick arts means very little ...

2005, September 23 later: The irony of the previous post is that we HADN'T posted the page for this little known (outside of China) style: Ba Men Quan (Eight Gates Boxing). Just goes to show...

2005, September 23: Since only three people work on this site, each actually knowing something about Kung Fu and enthusiastic - we often get ahead of ourselves. Heck, sometimes we even lose whole sections of our site. I'm still trying to remember if we put up Ba Men style. Anyway here, at last, we have begun to collect some information on the art of Crane Boxing in VCD format (we are for purposes of simplicity including White Crane boxing in the lot). Anyway, check it out while we consider whether we put up the newest Chin Nah material or White Eyebrow. Oh, and if you get a chance grab the November issue of Inside Kung Fu to see, after many years, the reemergence of a friend or ours, Willy Lin the first major teacher of Tien Shan Pai (Heaven Mountain Style) in the west.

2005, , September 22: Just enough time to mention our newest additon to Wing Chun Pai vcds with a series that has many applications and hands-on exercises of this popular system. This time everything is divided by function such as Palms, Fists, Footwork and Elbow/Knees. Worth a gander.

2005, September 18: We have one section at Plum that hardly anyone knows about. We are slowly compiling a list, with graphics, of books in traditional and simplified Chinese to act as a reference for those doing research. This visual library has a number of titles which are hard to find or even out of print. Lau Fat Man's Eagle Claw books, early editions of Liu He BaFa, Tai Chi, Xing Yi and other texts are there for those who want to see what they look like. If we find this is indeed useful to our readers we will continue. Also, if you readers have contributions to make just email us a description and a picture and help us record a valuable era in the age of Martial publishing.

2005, September 17: For those who can appreciate the beauty of Karate and yet like their Kung Fu. We submit the following, the Southern Shaolin Luo Han style with four strong and clear forms and APPLICATIONS from a teacher with fast hands and an accurate eye.

2005, September 15: We have quite a number of Praying Mantis books, many by Wong Hon Fan the "Mantis King" and author of many books on the style. Mantis is a truly great form with many branches and good quality martial arts. There are also many false claims to lineage, much confusion about who taught who and what is what (of course, this is Chinese martial arts). But here is a fresh breeze, a beautiful volume dedicated to the last 100 years of the style with an emphasis on the achievements of teachers Lo and Wong. Really a nice piece and with a very interesting introduction in ENGLISH.

2005, September 10: The Fu Jian area has long been known to produce fine martial arts. Indeed, Southern Shaolin, White Crane Boxing, and Dog Style Ground Fighting all come from this area and are world famous. Here are some new Chinese editions of a series concentrating on Fu Jian Boxing. Well illustrated, they are in simplified Chinese. Only trouble is we, at present, have just a few copies of each.

2005, September 8: Tak Wah Eng has produced a number of well designed books and DVDs. His latest text demonstrates his Five Animals forms, created from classical poses and movements.

2005, September 7: There are darned few authentic records of Chinese martial theory or strategy. For one reason it was kept secret for centuries. A source we have long considered important is that of the writings be Chang Nai Zhou. There is considerable evidence that his work may have been foundational for the creation of the Tai Chi Classics. Our new addition "Scholar Boxer" deals with this crucial reference.
We don't promote a great number of tournaments but one of our favorites is the Ohio Wu Tang Hall of Fame Open which is in Akron this year and Las Vegas next. If you can make it worth attending.

2005, September 3: Want to work with a Shaolin master learning with the most famous Muslim Kung Fu set (Cha Road #4) or his speciality with the two handed straight sword. Contributor Steve Matchett hosts a special seminar on the 11th with Wang Bing Wen (Buddhist name Shi DeWeng) ...

2005, August 31: There have been times when the Gong Li Quan form was as famous as Tan Tui. In Chin Woo it was also a required Kung Fu practice. Here's one of the few texts we've seen on the subject. Also, coming in days, a beautiful book (unfortunately the author only had time to translate the introduction into English) on "100 Years of the Praying Mantis" ...

2005, August 31: Click and see the first of our new Photo Essay features. If you have a series of photos you think would interest our fellows, send 'em in JPEG along with some commentary. We love to observe the world of martial arts from different perspectives ...

2005, August 28: Our newest film is The Shaolin Cane and we thought we'd take a moment out and consider the reasons we like this weapon enough to make a video about it. A little history, a few ideas ...

2005, August 26: What is the Shaolin equivalent of Tai Chi? Some people would say and unusual form entitled Shaolin Soft Work. We have added a Chinese edition of this well known but rarely seen form. But you might want to cross check it against our VCD series on the same subject which - uncommonly - has ENGLISH subtitles...

2005, August 19: On the other hand, a bit of a coup! We've just received about a dozen reprints (in Chinese) of a BAJIQUAN book with the world famous Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao showing his art on a young Jason Tsou. A really nice piece for those who want to see what BaJi SHOULD look like. These will go fast, ...

2005, August 17: Not every series lives up to our expactations. Take the example of Liu He Quan, a long interest of ours, ...

2005, August 15: Yes, we admit we've been remiss: here are the two newest issues of that wonderful Chinese magazine Wu Lin we just posted. We initiate, today,the first long installment of a "process article" on the subject of Ba Gua Zhang which will attempt to explain so many of the areas that inspire questions to us and frustrations in the student. Check out our exclusive BAGUA ZHANG EXPLAINED section.Next to a teacher, it may be the best help you can get...

2005, August 12: Don't know why we did not have it before but here is the pivotal book by Dr. Daniel Weng on the Fundamentals of Shuai Chiao, an essential for those interested in Chinese wrestling. Once again we are swamped with new items and products we've "uncovered." Hope to get them out before we take a few days off in the near future. We've been receiving wonderful comments by people who realize what we are trying to do here. Much thanks. Well, we were serious: the famous collector's item Pa Kua Chang for Self Defense is already gone. Tough to find it again but we'll keep trying. Whew! And here we have soem Choy Lai Fut we generally sell on video, but now we offer a CLF Drunken Fist from the Lee Koon Hung Association.

2005, August 6: Even in the West and elsewhere there is a famous Northern form practiced by many known as Gong Li Chuan (GongLiQuan or Gung Lik Kune in Cantonese). Associated with the Jin Wu school (it was the set that came after Tan Tui) this form is actually part of an entire system known as Gong Li Boxing. From one of our favorites martial locations, Cang County, the Gong Li people never "modernized". They just keep practicing as they always have. Want to see what Kung Fu looked like 100 years ago?

2005, August 3: We're holding a new sale called a "Last Run" meaning that will be taking some books off the shelves. In our case that's special since they may not be widely available in the West for much time to come. And at 50%, not to mention.Give a look, as they say.

2005, August 3: Now what? A book on the history of Western fencing? And discounted, too ...

2005, August 2: The writings of Sun Lu Tang are considered by many to be very important. We have some in translation and the complete set in traditional Chinese. Now we add the collected works in a nice, simplified Chinese text ...

July 28: So many people ask us about applications for Kung Fu. Here's a series of the Shaolin Eagle Sect where the teacher is obviously a fighter demonstrating over a collection of VCDs the attacks and coutners with each natural weapon. Our own feeling is that even though this is basic there are some worthwhile conditioning and fighting exercises. We advise people to start with the skills of their interest such as claw or kicking or whatever ...

2005, July 28: Even for us this is an obscure style. 10 000 Victories Tai Chi. Only two series in the package, a very Long set that is barely similar to what most think of as Tai Chi (though slowly performed) and a series of many applications. Possibly Taoist in origins...

2005, July 26: We have a soft spot for PiGua (Axe Parry style) with its enlongated movements and flowing strength. Here, represented as Gansu Style Boxing is a strong showing of this and related arts such as BaJi and Fan Zi.

2005, July 25: Whew! a working weekend to get out our newest video tape (and last before we add DVDs to our items). Ted Mancuso, our resident Shihfu, expounds and demonstrates the SHAOLIN CANE, one of the fastest and most changeable of Shaolin Wooden weapons. And, of course, there's a discount for our customers. Other additions include DVDs on Tai Tzu Chang Chuan and a new representation of Zhao Bao, a very interesting style of Tai Chi.

2005, July 21: It's not a cheap item but we are bringing in some of Lion Books special editions (boxed no less with beautiful embossed covers) of six key books in the art of White Crane Boxing. Karate and Kung Fu scholars alike will want these books - IN CHINESE- dating from the Qing Dynasty and discussing the theory and practice of this very special art. There is little doubt that White Crane was one of the major elements contributing to the creation of Okinawan Karate. And this set is gorgeous. Not a series of "picture books" but a scholarly presentation of fundamental research. They should arrive in a couple of weeks and we expect the first batch to sell out immediately.

2005, July 20: Shaolin has some interesting weapons. This teacher, De Biao, has taken it seriously and shows a number of these famous weapons of Shaolin from a decidedly more realistic angle. Coming soon!

2005, July 19: BaGua is a great style and interest in it is growing by the day. New translations are starting to come up here and there. Here is another by Marcus Brinkman of a section from Yin Fu's son, Yin Yu Zhang.

2005, July 18: It's Tai Chi day! Some important and useful DVDs have, finally, found their way to our pages. Here is Sun Jian Yun's Sun Style Tai Chi Sword DVD and Joanna Zorya's Chen Man Qing style Tai Chi in DVD format. Next, we have a very rare book indeed showing the Tai Chi of our own great grandteacher Gu Ru Zhang, the Northern Shaolin teacher who was also a student and friend of Sun Lu Tang and Li Jing Lin. And then we have one of the first books in English on the subject of weapons in Tai Chi, by Dr. Tseng Ju Pai.

July 16: Our new series of VCDs show break downs for Chin Na moves according to specific attacks such as clubs, kicks and grabs. Very straight forward and honest.

2005, July 14: Yang Jian Hou was the father of Yang Chen Fu. Here is Jiang's presentation of his "13 Animal Yang Tai Chi".Later: There is one book in English by Sun Jian Yun, daughter of Sun Lu Tang. We now have Sun's Style Tai Chi Chuan, a must for Sun style practitioners.

2005, July 12: Wu Dang Boxing ( a specific style of Taoist Wushu) claims to have a long heritage. We have also added a series of Xing Yi from ShanXi with English subtitles yet VCD prices.

2005, July 09: A hard to find translation: BaGua Swimming Body by Wang Shu Jin.

2005, July 08: Our third level of Shang Style Xing Yi is one of the best yet. Here are VCDs by Li Hong, one of the most professional teachers we've seen in the whole series of Video Compact Disks.

2005, July 07: Our SHAOLIN CANE video is just finished and will be out in about 10 days. Early viewing suggest it is one of our best yet. For those who have been waiting: the hardback edition of the rare Dragon Boxing Rubbing Bridge is back again (related to Dragon Style and White Eyebrow).

2005, July 06: At time you will see the phrase, "Ba Pan Zhang" instead of Ba Gua Zhang. This is an altenate view of the art and we now have another translation by Marcus Brinkman of this famous text. (Later we will have an entirely different and very interesting historical analysis of this branch of the art but for now...) read this excerpt.

2005, July 03: Our school is closed today but we're still here doing a bit of work. Just posted a short, tentative biography of that important teacher and writer, Jiang Rong Jiao. Our audio section has become surprisingly popular. We now offer a discounted cassette of a beautiful reading of the timeless Tao Te Ching.

2005, July 03: "Chinese Wrestling Methods of Grappling and Throwing" by Dong Zhong Yicomes from the 1930's and has hundreds of great old pictures showing Shuai Jiao techniques. Newly translated. Want to know how to use the umbrella for self defence (or the parasol during the sunny days)? See our new Hung Gar Dragon and Tiger Umbrella book.

2005, July 02: "The 9 Songs and 81 Postures" by Wu Meng Xia is a famous book on the meaning of Tai Chi's theory. Here, not generally available, is a new translation of this text.

2005, July 01: We add another series based on Wu Dang Taoist martial arts; namely Wu Dang Quan . . . Also we have re-posted the fine book by Wang Pei Sheng on Wu Tai Chi to go along with our new biography and VCDs.

2005, June 25: Wang Pei Sheng, himself is the argument for great masters in the 20th century. One of the top Wu stylists in the world, friend of great masters; we've been looking for these VCDs for a LONG time. . .

2005, June 25: Paul Eng, a Tai Mantis teacher from Campbell California, has a very fine series of books on Praying Mantis. As Shihfu Linda Darrigo characterizes them, "They are excellent. I like their layout, his terms, how he shows the moves: just about everything." We agree and have finally secured all five volumes of the series, not an easy thing to do. . .

2005, June 22: We are very careful about adding to the plethora of "Shaolin" forms available so we check out everything we sell. Here are some pretty interesting new ones for the DVD series.

2005, June 19: We haven't posted in a little while because we've been concentrating on finishing our next instructional film on the SHAOLIN CANE! And we're just about there. As always, Shifu Mancuso has taken a different tack and this film gives new information on not only the cane but weapons in general. In the meantime, we has a new page just for important translations on Xing Yi and Ba Gua.

2005, June 11: We continue with additions to our collector's series of Lion Books with a great old reprint of a 12 Road Tan Tui and one of the first historical investigations of Tai Chi.

2005, June 11: More books in our collector's series with such texts as Tai Chi writings by Huang Wen Shu and Wang Jin Wu all in our Lion Books section.Also, once we're through posting all the new offerings in this section look for our GAO Style BA GUA series with Luo Di Xiu, coming in just days...

2005, June 10: We have a number of new books in our Chinese section with the publisher Lion Books, many on the theory and practice of Tai Chi and representing some of the strongest lineages in Taiwan.

2005, June 9: The first Wing Chun book from LION Books contains a set we've never seen published before; Four Gates in addition to the standard three hand sets. Traditional Chinese.

2005, June 8: We have a batch of new LION BOOKS from this excellent company in Taiwan. These include a WIng Chun text with one of the first examples of the "Four Gates" form ever presented, a Choy Lai Fut text from Taiwan!, many good Tai Chi books and reprints. Lion Books does some fine work and we introduced the line to the West but we still don't think people are aware of the collectible treasures in, for instance, their reprint series. We are considering a correlation of all our major Chinese authors so you could look up Ma Hong for instance and find which book, VCD and DVD, if appropriate, is available. What do you think?

2005, June 6: ErMei Mountain hosts many styles of martial arts. Not nearly as famous in the West as Shaolin or Wu Dang it is nonetheless, the third largest collection of styles in China. We present one of the more famous branches of ErMei known as the Zhao Men.

2005, June 1: Possibly the slowest series in martial history, we have another installment of our Instructor's Notebook. This time an unabashedly prejudiced list of "Reasons to Like Ba Gua Palms."

2005, May 31: Correction: We listed two books as "Dai" style Xin Yi when they were, in reality, HeNan style Xin Yi. Here's the page.

2005, May 30: When Ba Ji first started gaining popularity outside China people thought it looked like Xing Yi (the fa chin) and assumed it was pronounced Ba "Gua". Now we say Ba Men and people assume we mean Ba Ji. So here is our newest VCD offering, Eight Gate Boxing (Ba Men) and some background information on this style based on Chinese philosophy.

2005, May 29: Enjoy a short, evocative poem by contributor Peter Thelin.

2005, May 27 : Well, we were watching "Ripley's Believe It or Not" (don't ask why) last Wednesday and they had a sequence on a Chi Kung master who actually appeared to be on the up and up. Then, suddenly, they flashed a book by his father on the screen and there was our TC 518 copy of "Henan Xing Yi." Hmmm.

2005, May 25 : One of our most popular series on Tai Chi Applications has just been issued as a DVD so here 'tis.

2005, May 23 : We have a new crop of articles for you delectation. First is a very interesting piece by Gary Shapiro on Tai Chi, Balance and Longevity inspired by remarks from his attendance at a lecture with well known teacher, Fong Ha. Another is an evocative example of what it means to love the art but not have a teacher, an event anyone long enough in the art can understand!

2005, May 20 : A new DVD series from Chen Qing Zhou giving ENGLISH subtitling to the same information as his VCD series. In the case of Chen we believe his information is important enough to really consider the DVDs. We will also be adding one of our best Tai Chi Applications to the DVD roster. Also, for WU TAN enthusiasts, we are just processing a rare Chinese book on BaJi from Liu Yun Chiao!

May 18 : Out of town this Friday through Sunday so we won't be in the school to answer technical questions. We have added an entirely new page on traditional Chinese texts including an excellent two volume set on Song Style Xing Yi, a collectible Shuai Jiao text, an unusual Liu He Ba Fa book and more.

2005, May 16 : We have just posted a CLASSIC that we've been seeking a long time: Lee Ying Arng's Pa Kua for Self Defense. One of the first English language books on the art and, well, just great. And while we're on books some great new ones in simplified (including the most comprehensive Ta Cheng Quan we've seen) and traditional characters (keep looking here we have some collector's items coming)... Oh, yes, and we've just added our first ever White Eyebrow DVD (Bak Mei Kuen), a fine Southern system generally under-represented.

2005, May 13 : We just got a large order of Chinese martial arts books with some great titles. Many will be instant collector's items but we're not even going to say what they are yet; we want a chance to at least look at them before they are gone ...

2005, May 9 : A poem is a nice way to start the day: so our newest addition by Beth Smith. Also a new article by instructor Joanna Zorya on one of the most important concepts for teaching and practicing Chinese Martial Arts: The Six Harmonies. The 72 Skills book is a compilation of Shaolin training techniques, some ingenious and some inaccurate...

2005, May 7 : Of course Kung Fu has many animal imitation forms but we've just added a fun series of specifically animal forms. It's hard to believe that there really was a traditional "chicken" or "duck" style but it's true. See turtle, frog, locust (this one's very strange and having lived in Baltimore, not our favorite).

2005, May 5 : Whew! Don't think that when we aren't posting we're not working. Generally we are preparing something new. This time we've begun to post Customer Comments on every thing from books to videos. (We actually prefer to think of them as "practitioner" comments since so many people actually use our material for study and improvement.) Also Jiang Jian Ye's Liu He Ba Fa series includes SIX HOURS of instruction on the style.

2005, April 29: Additions: Very flamboyant Monkey Fist added to our Qing Cheng Taoist section; a lecture-demonstration on Yi Quan by Li Zhao Shan; AND we have finally acquired enough material for a separate VCD section on Sun Lu Tang's styles.

2005, April 26: From Bo Law we have added two more of Tak Wah Eng's Five Animals creations: Tiger and Leopard Fists.

2005, April 26: We've added the last DVD that corresponds to two (2) VCDs in the Chen Zhen Lei Tai Chi series. This one combines a total survey of Chen's forms and a series of health exercises handed down through the family, including the 18 Qing Yao group.

2005, April 25: Chen Two Tigers, a Chen Tai Chi instructor has come out with an 8 vcd exploration of Chin Nah and throwing, all from Chen Tai Chi, combining the Push Hands and the San Shou applications.

2005, April 23: Speaking of Mountain sects, if you want to learn a little about HUA Shan Boxing go see our new INFOBOX on this important style. Well, off to teach the Chi Kung BLOSSOMS IN THE SPRING at a seminar today. Best.

2005, April 22: The LAST of the "Mountain Styles" namely Shaolin, Wu Dang, Er Mei, Hua Shan and now Kun Lun. And from what we've seen so far, worth the wait. A solid series of performances from a rarely seen style. Recommended, especially the Wu Ji Five Hands set.

2005, April 21: Once again we have that little gem of a book, WuShu Among Chinese Muslims.

2005, April 20: We now have added to our stock one of the best IRON PALM books ever written in English, and it's from my old instructor! We are slowly adding more audio CDs and have just posted a nice 3 CD survey of Chinese music that is really exceptional.

2005, April 11: Overall a favorable impression of our new HUA style VCDs. The first road is a traditional fist from one of the Five Long Fist styles. This is rarely seen in the West and the influence on compulsory WuShu is clear. Worth a look.

2005, April 11: We have added another four VCDs to our new TONG BEI section, see below. Also a third representative of one of the most popular (and justifiably so) Long Fist Style: Cha Chuan - the Muslim Fist. This is the Henan branch. Next in the VCD world will be our first set of HUA (not flower, the other HUA) Fists.

2005, April 08: Well that didn't take long. We have now added a FOURTH style of Tong Bei to our VCDs, namely the relatively rare Hong Dong ("vast and penetrating") Boxing. The weapons sets look, to our jaded eyes, a bit on the lines of Contemporary WuShu (not in itself a bad thing, but our research is towards authentic and traditional). The hand sets however are interesting with the master set of the system quite a challenge and expressive of Tong Bei's specialities.

2005, April 08: We've been coming up lucky with some very good pieces of information on Ba Gua. Just added the famous 64 Hands of Gao style to our Gao contingent. These are the self defense applications of that branch demonstrated in eight groups of eight moves corresponding to the 64 Kua. The last of the three VCD series is a SURVEY with all sorts of Gao demonstrations. Coming quick, more Tong Bei from a woman instructor named Xu Tian Xiang.

2005, April 05: Cheng style produces a solid line of Ba Gua instructors. Here is a new batch of VCDs by Ma Lin Cheng a fourth generation practitioner.

2005, March 27: Since we've posted items from Fu Jow and Tak Wah Eng we are getting questions on this system. If you go to any of our product pages about Fu Jow you will now see a short but resonably comprehensive InfoBox on the style. Coming (among about a hundred other things): a whole new VCD set of Cheng BaGua, the Shaolin Cane by ShihFu Mancuso is - finally - nearing completion and some new hard-to-find transations of important BaGua texts.

2005, March 27: Tak Wah Eng wrote the book, "Entering Fu Jow Pai" about the relatively new and well known Tiger Claw Sect. We now add four new DVDs from ShihFu and his group. One of these is his rendition of the famous Tiger Crane Boxing.

2005, March 27: We find Benny Meng, the curator of the Wing Chun museum, to be an enthusiastic and dedicated instructor. So we've introduced another of his DVDs to our series, this one on Chum Kiu also Sticky Hands. Since these were originally two video tapes there is A LOT of information in this package. We've also added a long Eagle Claw form from Lily Lau with 72 linked Chin Nah techniques.

2005, March 23: We return the book "Complete Wing Chun". We think it is the kind of historical and technical text that should be more common.

2005, March 23: Louis Swaim has just translated a major book on the Yang Tai Chi style, Yang Chen Fu's 1934 edition of the "Essence and Applications."

2005, March 22: Some new DVDs strengthen our collection with, at last, some SUN style BaGua represented by instructor Joanna Zorya and a nice Liu He Ba Fa DVD by Helen Liang.

2005, March 21: 3:50 pm. Just posted Terry Dunn's TAI CHI RULER video, the first one ever made in English and probably still one of the best. 9:30am.Even more hurts including Terry Dunn's Tai Chi Ruler, two excellent books on Taoism by poet David Hinton,a very complete source book on Chen Tai Chi and one of Thomas Cleary's best translations of a Taoist text. See HURT.

2005, March 18: We were probably the first to bring out HURT books in the martial arts. Now we've rennovated our popuar page and here's a bunch of books for your library at sizeable discounts.

2005, March 16: Feng Zhi Qiang is probably one of the most innovative and profound of the "old masters" still around. His XinYi HunYuan Tai Chi is loose and natural. We have two new VCDs of his movements with English chapter heads that will be of interest to some. Also we have reposted one of the classic English language texts Dao of TaiJiQuan by Jou Tsong Hwa.

2005, March 11: We've just added our third Souther SHAOLIN syle the "Fa" or "Law of Buddha" branch which is, over all, probably the best of the three. It is based on a few complex actions that form a true core for the entire style. Like Wing Chun it finds diversity in simplicity.

2005, March 10: The return of some of our most popular CHINESE books such as PiGua, Chuo Jiao, Mu Lan, Wan Lai Shen, the popular Zi Ran with the VCD included and others all in the Simplified Chinese section.

2005, March 9: Up go 13 more DVDs from the Shaolin Temple Boxing series. These are subtitled in English for those who want the names of the moves and slight descriptions.

2005, March 7: We were up past 1:00 am this morning reviewing new VCDs to post. In the meantimes we put up a Chinese text of great significance for BaGua practitioners. Heavenly Revolution Arts a series of essays on the intersection of Ba Gua practice and philosophy with writings by Wu Meng Xia.

2005, March 4: We try to keep up with the information section of the site as much as we can when not teaching. We've just added a section on Shaolin Dog Boxing and expanded infomation on Muslim Boxing. These sections are not to sell items but to help researchers in martial arts. As always we want people to send us specific and factual information they may have to expand our selections and help others interested in Kung Fu.

2005, March 1: Can't afford a tour to China to see the Shaolin Temple and the Wu Dang scenery? That's ok because a film crew from Taiwan in association with our Lion Books friend have done the tour for you. It's all in Chinese but it has some of the most beautiful scenery you're likely to see and some nice demonstrations of martial arts. A boxed VCD with nice production values. Just posted White Crane Kung Fu by Yang Jwing Ming.

2005, February 28: Some nice new VCDs on a variety of styles. But first a word about this "other" series we handle. The VCDs have the added benefit of being narrated in Chinese AND ENGLISH! That means that what people often pay extra for in the DVD editions, namely the English narration, is given for the same price with this series. A few examples would be our newest editions on Shan Xi Xing Yi, Six Harmony Mantis, Three Star Canon Fist and the art of Chin Na.

2005, February 25: Here they are, three VCDs of Gao Ji Wu performing and teaching his
Gao Family style BAGUA (not the style from Gao Yi Sheng). Of particular note is a good VCD on basic and one on his Mandarin Duck Blades which are constructed a little differently from Elkhorn knives.

2005, February 25: Just added two new LION BOOKS. The first is by the famous
Jiang Rong Qiao and is a great reprint from the series of books that changed martial publishing. The other is the DaMo sword with not only a very traditional set in old photographs but notes and illustrations pertaining to the art of the straight sword. Both are in traditional Chinese but very clear and beautifully reproduced. Coming: Gao Family Style Ba Gua VCDs.

2005, February 21: More new books in Chinese and English. From no "Dog Boxing" now we have two, also one of the great old classics on Southern Mantis, and more all in traditional page #5. We have added an excellent series on the Praying Mantis in English with Paul Eng's books, some of the best ever produced in English on this style (Kung Fu Books).

2005, February 19: We've been swamped lately with our new school: WisdomFist located in Felton, California. But we've just added some nice Chinese books such as : Dou Gang/18 Old Men (from the famous Huang Mantis series), White Eyebrow Boxing (Finally!), and Wu Dang Forms (all in the traditonal Chinese books series page 5). Also our Huang Mantis Essays book TC 220 has just gone out of stock but we are still trying to collect the entire series.

2005, February 15: Just added a new DVD on Biu Ji the 3rd Wing Chun form with Barry Meng demonstrating.2005, February 15: SO many new things to look at: the "traditional" Shaolin VCDs, a new EXPO dvd from Lion Books, a new series from the Black Tiger ("Fu Jow") groups, and a number of new books. As always we're trying to do all this and finish ShihFu Mancuso's Shaolin Cane set film so we can start, among other things, on a completely new film from John Ottenberg on the mechanics of punching - like you have never seen it before.

2005, February 7: Sixteen new VCDs all about the SOUTHERN branches of the Shaolin family. We have always admired and enjoyed Southern Kung Fu. There are some good performances here expecially in the Zi Men branch.

2005, January 29: We've been hopelessly out of order for a long time. So now is the THIRD volume of the Mi Zong - "Lost Track" - nt>series in Chinese...goes into Lost Tracks theories and applications for self defense.

2005, January 29: Just added the fourth volume in our simplified Chinese (pg 6) series on the "Lost Track." This one shows many weapons of the famous Mi Zong style.

2005, January 28: Two new series on VCD from the "internal arts." The first Che style Xing Yi, from the lineage of Che I Chai. The second if a ten VCD series on the Ba Gua of Yin Fu style.

2005, January 26: We have been impressed with the Tak Wah Eng books for layout and clarity. We add another, a paired set, Butterfly and Dragon Staff. (Books - Kung Fu hit any FuJow text).

2005, January 25: Cha Chuan (Zha Quan) ,a style often associated with Muslim Chinese, is a famous and respected form of Kung Fu. We now have a representative series of VCDs from the relatively rare Li branch of the Cha family. (VCDs see Cha)

2005, January 23: Every now and then we SPOTLIGHT a book we think deserves another look (accessible from the main page) This time it's Primordial Chi Kung an inexpensive Chinese text with traditional but straight forward characters and good photography from Lion. Speaking of Lion we now have Xiao Ba ji back in stock (Lion Books BaJi A205).

2005, January 23: We are happy to have the RETURN of one of the most popular and sought after books we have ever sold on Tai Chi: Chen Pan Ling's Origianl Tai Chi text (see Books, Tai Chi).

2005, January 22: The HONG style is also the name used for Shaolin. Though known as a Shan Xi style the energy and verve shown in this series represents forms as close to essence of advanced Shaolin boxing as we have seen.

2005, January 20: At last! People have been asking about this series for two years! We now carry an Yi Quan series (3 vcds covering Yi Quan's six classic topics) by the well known instructor and second generation holder Wang Yong Xiang. We only have a few at first so email us.

2005, January 19: Continuing with our new (old) tradtional Chinese books we have added a fifth page (TC 5 in "books") of great titles often unavailable.

2005, January 18: Just added a number of Chinese books (TC page 4) among which we have Seven Star Mantis by Zhang Xiang San, a book on Cha Chuan, Monkey style, 8 Drunken Immortals and more to come...

2005, January 17: Well, we're back from our trip to Mundo Maya, rested and ready to go. We've have already added the final DVDs from the Di Guo Yong Xing Yi series. Also we have re-posted the COMPLETE IRON PALM BOOK unavailable for quite a while. This is a knockoff of a classic that is definitely out of print. Even this knock off is almost a collector's item. And we have a ton of new material to review. So forthcoming will be:

VCDS: on Hong Chuan (a particularly fine series) Southern Shaolin, Yi Quan, another branch of Cha Chuan and much more.

DVDs: our Shaolin collection will be expanding and we have a very new series from the Fu Jow people.

BOOKS: we have some great new Chinese books on mantis, lost track, Tan Tui, Xin Yi and more. And we have the return of the much sought after CHEN PAN LING Tai Chi book in English (discounted from 38.95 to 35.00).

INSTRUCTION: Oh, and just in our spare time we've helped to open a new school "Wisdom Fist" teaching a different style under the tutelage of expert self defense instructor John Ottenberg. (If you want to see our progress in actual instruction such as seminar announcements, you can check our sister site: reelingsilk.com)

REPORTAGE: Also look for some new articles on interesting subjects and slants.

2005, January 17, Also: A note from Debbie: Some of the Chinese books, especially the newer ones, are selling so quickly that we may be out of them by the time you order. Since we came back to a slug of emails we're not quite caught up yet. Be patient. We'll do our best. Special thank you, also, to Linda for her tireless help while we were gone.

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