2004, December 25: We get to present a huge, oversize edition on the Green Dragon Crescent Knife by William Chueng of the Heaven Mountain Sword (books-Kung Fu).

2004, December 24: Complete Iron Palm Training returns (books -Kung Fu).

2004, December 22: Added to traditional Chinese book section a text we've been trying to get for quite a while: Geroge Xu's LiuHe XinYi with photographs of the syle and excellent full page photos of his teachers. Also added new book on BaJi. Many new titles in both VCDS and Chinese books coming in.

2004, December 13: Placed the third of Sha Guo Zheng's Xing Yi vcds (VCD- Xing Yi General).

2004, December 12:
Li Ya Hsuan was one of Yang Cheng Fu's top students. In Taiwan his work is considered a martial treasure. We've just added two more books - his Yang style Sword and his Push Hands text with rare photos (Lion Books).

2004, December 10: Finished adding the rest of Fu Han style a Shaolin branch that has only been out of the Temple about 140 years. Fu Han has an interesting system of 24 duet sets with Chin Na applications (now in VCDs Shaolin page 11). Took the "want" off A211 BaJi grappling among our Lion Books since we have it in stock again. New Lion Books coming.

2004, December 9: Two new Chen Tai Chi videos both with the talented George Xu. One of Tai Chi Chin Na and one on the Cannon Fist (Tapes - Tai Chi).

2004, December 7: We've created an entire new section: Audio with a few cassettes we have for discount prices. Listen to the words of Lao Tsu, the Buddha and others read by people like Dr. Jacob Needleman.

2004, December 2: Put up the rest of Chuo Jiao sets (vcd-Chuo Jiao) always an interesting style, particularly if you are looking for good kicks. People who like Chuo Jiao should see our Chinese book on the subject, some wild leg actions! Also set up Spirit Dragon Tai Chi, a three disk series with Double Rings as the weapon (vcd-Tai Chi various). Also a new Wing Chun vcd with a little different interpretation of the hands in Sil Lim Tao.

2004, December 1: New!! It's been a long time since we've had a new vcd on the Southern style of Mok Gar but here it is (VCD-Southern Styles). Also a new Shaolin set of VCDs on Buddha Style which at first looks somewhat like White Eyebrow but then has a number of intense two person sets with leg locks and dives and Chin Na (VCD-Shaolin #10). Also the extremely popular VCDs of Sun Zhi Jun are back in stock and complete for the whole series. We have a lot but they go fast.

2004, November 29: New Xing Yi vcd by Joanna Zorya showing applications of classic Xing Yi performed with a Lancashire background.

2004, November 28: Embarrassed to admit that we've had--for several months now--these very few editions of the boxed, hardbound and beautifully photographed Tian Shan (Heaven Mountain) Straight Sword book for an incredible price (Books Kung Fu). Figure at this rate it will only take about six months to post the Tian Shan saber.

2004, November 27: Added another installment of The Instructor's Notebook. This installment on teaching kicks.

2004, November 24: Fujian White Crane Kung Fu is a system all too rare. Very popular in Taiwan, it is a facinating and complex form of fighting. Much historical evidence connects it with the origins of Okinawan Karate. We now have the first major English language book in quite a while (ever?) on the system (Books: Kung Fu).

2004, November 22: Finally, a tape on Jow Gar (Chow Ka) with Ron Wheeler showing his stuff on the Iron Arrow Form.

2004, November 21: Two new videos on 7 Star mantis (Videos: Kung Fu). Added a BaJi VCD where Zhang Lung teaches Da BaJi to two really cute kids. Nice set with evocative photography. Also we've added another book in Chinese in the famous Lum Sai Wing series. This one (in traditional Chinese pages TC404) is on the Iron Thread Form.

2004, November 20: New VCD series about a style we've never even heard of Xiao Yao which refers to a phrase attributed to the philosopher Chuang Tzu and conneting "light and carefree." Older artist with some real skill. Soon to come in VCD part of the garden: more BaJi, 18 weapons lecture from China and a number of other styles.

2004, November 18: So much new stuff! VCDs, videos and books. Plus there's a couple of new articles and what else? Scored another stock of Praying Mantis books (all scattered through the "traditonal Chinese" section). And even got another two from the series. We're creating a forms list on the Mantis info page that will list over 90 7 Star form so people can use it as a check list.

2004, November 18: Reading a fine new book on White Crane Kung Fu by Lorne Bernard: a real labor of love. Will post soon.

2004, November 15: We have new and more extensive notes on J. Crandall's BaGua translations explaining what is in each text including his newest on the Hacking Knife of BaGua (Books: BaGua: Crandall). Also we've added more traditional Chinese texts such as the wonderful HardSoft training exercises books and Sun Lu Tang's BaGua sword (traditonal page1). We've got a new VCD on Fu style BaGua (VCDs: Bagua: various) We watched it yesterday and it is very nicely done and gives some real flavor of the style. Another Wan Lai Shen VCD this time on usage of the Liu He staff (VCD:Wan Lai Sheng).

2004, November 14: More traditional books! Praying Mantis including Flying Goose Palm, Monkey Steals Peach, Zhai Yao #1 through #3 (first time for this) and more. Also Luo Han 18 Hands, Heroic Fist (with famous teacher of Eagle Claw Lau Fat Mang), and Dragon Form BaGua. Only trouble is that the supplies are really limited ( in some cases just one copy!).

2004, November 12: A new DVD of Chen Straight Sword from Zhang ZhiJun with nice quality demonstration. Most exciting, yet another batch of the scarce old traditional texts. We've already re-stocked a number of mantis books and Muslim books from disappearing stores that will not be around much longer. Also, many "new" titles (for us) of old and rare finds which we will post in the next week. (Examples: more mantis fists and some Luo Han).

2004, November 06 : We now have some new videos (VHS) from Shihfu Jiang JianYe. These include Yang LuChan's "Wisdom Fist", Tai Yi Loose Palms (both in Tai Chi tapes), Eagle Boxing (Kung Fu tapes), Dragon Chi Kung (Chi Kung tapes) and a very good tour tape of Wu Dang and Qing Dao with the entire LiuHeBaFa set demonstrated by instructor Zhuo YongFu (BaGua tapes).

2004, November 04 : Restocked one of our more popular Chinese language books on Xing Yi, (Dai Style Xin Yi Quan: Real Meaning - SC 415 by Ma Lin-Zhang ).

2004, October 31: Just finished, whew!, our VCD Applications List with over 100 titles that gives some usage and applied techniques - an answer to one of the most common questions we receive.

2004, October 26: VCD#801 BaGua with Sun Zhi Zhun is out of stock but we've posted a "want list" for those who wish to order in advance. Posted Gary Shapiro's newest article on Tai Chi and balance with a perspective on falling and discussion of the body mechanics involved.

2004, October 25: We just posted a new edition of Sun Lu-Tang's "Xing Yi Studies". For the first time we've had copies of that old fun classic "Ancient Chinese Hidden Weapons" compiled by Douglas Hsieh. This one used to be in everyone's library.

2004, October 24: Finished reviewing the Wong Fei Hung group. Very interesting. We put up our newest and hard-to-get Wing Chun book yesterday and have already sold half the stock!

2004, October 21: Added new book, Wing Chun Warrior, jam packed with tales of Wing Chun SiFu and fighter, Duncan Leung, one of the very first private students of Yip Man.

2004, October 19: First time for Lion Book A211. This is "Grappling" style BaJi and gives some interesting grappling applications of Xiao BaJi.

2004, October 18: Brought back a number of books in Chinese that have been popular and we had de-listed. Chinese Book pages 2, 3 & 4.

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