History's lessons
Martial arts and Chinese energetics exist within the historical conditions which created them. Those conditions are often fascinating. Here is an excerpt from The Spring and Autumn of Chinese Martial Arts - 5000 Years by Professor Kang Ge Wu a world acknowledged expert on the history of WuShu. His book, available through Plum, records key points in the history of Chinese martial arts.
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The 19th Year of Kang Xi : Qing Dynasty

Ji Ji Ke (1620 to 1680), initiator of Xin Yi Quan, died. His techniques took Qiang (spear) theory as Quan (boxing) theory. Xin Yi Quan has 12 forms, emphasizing the harmony between mind and will, will and breathing, breathing and strength, hands and feet, elbows and knees, and shoulders and hips. The complete name is Xin Yi Liu He Quan (mind and concept six-harmony Xin Yi)


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