Chinese Fast Wrestling

Liang, Shou-Yu and Tai D. Ngo.
Yang's Martial Arts, $19.95

This newest book from Yang's Martial Arts surveys the recently popular art of Shuai Jiao (Grappling). A good basic primer. Since the popularity of Ultimate Fighting Championships grappling arts have gotten a much needed boost in interest. Now everyone's hopping into the ring. The great advantage of this book is its simple organization of throws. The great disadvantage is its lack of emphasis on the interactive aspects of grappling.

One might say, "Oh, it's only an introduction". But our field is plagued by just that: too many primers and not enough texts. Like many of the books from Yang's the information is therebut the regret is for an opportunity lost. While it's probably good business to produce more basic primers there are entire aspects of strategy, theory and history that are too often overlooked.

If one has martial training and surveys this text the necessary question arises, what makes this different from all other styles of grappling? A good book more as a "sampler" than a text.