"Revealing all top secrets:.. Chinese black art, defraudation, "Mou Shan" witchcraft, drugs and poisons, great magic shows, "body disappearance" techniques, Vagabond Kung Fu,... etc.

Skills of the Vagabonds from where the Japanese Ninjutsu originated!!

By Leung Ting, B.A., Ph. D., Tenth Level M.O.C. of I.W.T.L.T.M.A.A."

The turn of the decade between the 70's and 80's and ninja was all the craze. Kids were wearing black masks, body wraps and falling out of trees right and left when their grappling hooks came unattached. And here's Leung Ting's book on the Vagabonds chock full of magic tricks, scams, legends and even a few facts. One of the most interesting parts remains the special hand positions used by both Vagabonds and Sect members to identify each other and even hold conversations right in front of everyone without anyone knowing.

There are some fake exorcisms in the tradition of Chang Tao Ling, a patron saint of the Vagabonds. And some information about Bic Kung Fu (Wall Climbing Skills). A neat book about the spookier side of Kung Fu which, take it from us, does exist, kiddies.