Remember how you first got into the martial arts? Well, if you grew up in the 60's or 70's it might have been through one of these great comic book ads. Here's the one that equates Karate with Kung-Fu, Judo, Savate-Aikido and just about anything else you'd want to think of . It's the "Total Self-Defense System". In incredibly fine print it talks about:

"In only a short while the knowledge of the world's top fighting experts can be yours!"

"With Karate training... your hands and feet could have fantastic new power."

"You hands will have the power of an ax and you can use your elbows, knees and feet as death dealing clubs."

"You'll quickly learn all the vital striking areas that will flatten the biggest and toughest!"

"You'll reduce any assailant to cringing helplessness in just seconds."

And all for 25 cents for a colorful brochure. You order by filling out a coupon that says, "Shoot the works to me!"

Sometimes we understand why the tiger crouches, oh boy.