Wu Bin Lou
Chuo Jiao Fan Zi Master

Wu Bin Lou was born into a peasant family February 2, 1899. Grandmaster Wu Bin Lou hailed from Hebei province Baoding region, Li county, Xiqi village .

Li Xian is the hometown of the Chuo Jiao style. Xiqi village's Wei Chang Yi, and his nephew, Wei Zan Kui, were famous ChuoJiao Fan Zi teachers. Xiqi village was the birthplace of that master of pen and sword, Confucian scholar Li Gong's (Shu Gu ). For such ancestors as those from Xiqi the pursuit of literature and martial arts was common practice.

1905, Grandmaster Wu Bin Lou bowed to "Iron Legs" Wei Zan Kui to begin the study of Chuo Jiao Fan Zi. At the same time he started his literary education at the one of the village private schools. GM Wu Bin Lou studied under Wei Zan Kui for ten years, learning Chuo Jiao, Cun Fan Zi, Small Fan Zi, Big Fan Zi, Kao Dian Lian and weapons. He succeeded in obtaining grand shifu Wei Chang Yi's imparted teachings, grasping "Iron Legs Draws the Plough" and other methods.

1915, GM Wu Bin Lou moved to Beijing. At West Danpi Warehouse Lane his family started a family doufu business. GM Wu Bin Lou helped his father with the business, while every day practicing, , also seeking teachers and friends, exchanging Wushu skills.

1920, GM Wu Bin Lou started a bodyguard service. From his first appeance, his skills with saber, 9 Section Whip, rope dart and "Flower Whip" won Wu Bin Lou good reputation.

1921, business started to decline, but GM Wu Bin Lou, deciding to be a professional martial artist, retunred to Li County to pursue his studies with Wei Zan Kui Shifu. In this period his Kung Fu advanced by leaps and bounds.

1924, GM Wu Bin Lou, with his Shifu's encouragement, returned to Beijing, determined to us his martial skill to gain a foothold in the capitol. He met many colleagues in martial circles, everywhere making friends. During this period he paid a visit to "Drunken Ghost Zhang San". This proved auspicious. GM Wu Bin Lou's was lucky enough to have his martial skill win Zhang's lucky commendation. Then he paid a formal visit to his martial senior Wang Rong Biao. Mr. Wang recognized the worth of GM Wu Bin Lou, going so far as to say: "If you do not know Wu Bin Lou, you do not know Long Fist." GM Wu Bin Lou, Wong Rong Biao, Wang Xia Lin and Wang Xia Ying were associated for many years.

After 10 years, GM Wu Bin Lou became the head instructor, concurrently of multiple schools: In 1928 he established the Central Martial Arts Studio. In 1929 established the Beijing Martial Arts Studio. By the time GM Wu Bin Lou was 30 he had set up the "Martial Arts Culture Research Society". This quickly rose to the ranks of the Wushu Health Research Society under Chen Zi Jiang; Universal Wushu Society under Chen Yue Fang; Zhong Zhou Guild under Chen Fa Ke; The Si MenWushu Society under Wu Zi Zhen; The National Wushu Health Society under Han Qi Chang and others all keeping pace with one another.

1935, The Beijing Wushu membership at Zhong Shan Public Gardens demonstrated for the Martial Practice Society, to be selected through public demonstration as the "Ten Venerable Wushu Experts". Among the performers were Heng Shou Shan, Liu De Sheng, Shang Yun Xiang, Wang Rong Biao, Liu Yue Ting and others coming forth, GM Wu Bin Lou was among those honored with the title.

In the same year, GM Wu Bin Lou attended the 6th National Sports Meet. For his outstanding achievement he was awarded a hand written vertical scroll by Feng Yu Xiang (warlord known as the "Christian General").

Later, GM Wu Bin Lou encountered fellow disciple the Hubei champion, Yao Zhi Guang. Together the two men compiled the "Yan Qing Fan Zi Eight Big Openings", making a large contribution to Chinese Wushu.

After 1949, GM Wu Bin Lou was designated as a boxing teacher, for a textile mill at the Si Men Wushu Society, Health & Wushu main headquarters, as the Division's guest coach .

Grandmaster also coached the Guang Hua Dye Factory Wushu team; Qing He Textile; 618 Wushu team; and Beijing Aeronautical Engineering Physical Education. At the same time he was involved with the Beijing People's Art Theater; Beijing Dance School; Central Opera House; PLA Art School; Railway Corps Song and Dance Ensemble; Railway Workers Song and Dance Ensemble as a visiting term instructor.

1962: Grandmaster was elected as a member of the first Beijing Martial Conference.

Around 1970 , GM Wu Bin Louhimself designated his disciples: arranging large quantities of Wushu material to pass on of more than 200 000 words.

At this time, GM Wu Bin Lou proposed that "martial practitioners ought to have art, skill, and technique with equal emphasis on all three" with modern development and a new point of view. He strongly opposed outdated formality in self defense, attaching no importance to formal structure, nor attaching importance to beautiful poses, pretty movements, attractive methods of linking power, or any superstitous methods that might obstruct healthy exercise methodology.

GM Wu Bin Lou passed away on December 24th, 1977, at the age of 78.