by Beth Smith


I found my brown and black belts today
Wondering why I had hidden them away

I took them out, unfurling them
Stretching them to their peak

Ritualistically folding them

With care hanging them
On my curtain rod

Understanding why they were hidden

They represent a strength
I thought I had lost

Power, earned me those belts

Power of mind
Power of body
Power of spirit

I have my power back
I have been true to my nature

Proudly I will remember who I am
Where I have been
And, what brought me here.

The power of mind, body and spirit

Beth Smith is the single mother of a wonderful 5 year old boy. She received her black belt in October of 1999. "I tested for it 5 months pregnant (makes me wonder what I was thinking)." She writes poetry and hopes to get a book of it together soon for publishing. She was born in Virginia and adopted one year later. She says, "I have a wonderful supportive family."









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