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Joanna Zorya: What is Your Intention (Part Two): The Fine Art of Conflict Resolution

Ted Mancuso: A Lesson from Cousin Push

Joanna Zorya: Who, What, Where, When, How and Why? - An Almost Too Simple Formula












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Jamie Blair

Tournamentality: If You Promote It, They Will Come The changing tournament landscape.


Randy Coplan

Lessons by Mail From a small town in Louisiana, a world is opened with the arrival of the postman and some books on martial arts.

Jose de Freitas

Internal Martial Arts and Physical Conditioning Examines the place of physical conditioning in the martial regimen.

Maia Farrell

Achieving Concentration in Martial Arts Training An examination the classic Five Obstacles to Meditation and applies the wisdom gained to martial training.

As It Is The problems and internal workings of practice.

Michael Jones

Internal Martial ArtsThe editor of Internal Martial Arts Magazine speaks of the internal approach...

Kris Kovach

Furniture With her own special insight Kris Kovach ponders the chair and the sitter and what it all means.

Getting it All Backwards Aspects and refinements of getting everything backwards.

Stella Maris Ameditation from on the applicability of the starfish as a model for T'ai Chi.

Brian Kennedy

Review of Tim Cartmell's new grappling DVD

Ted Mancuso


Articles by Ted Mancuso As PLUM's main contributor Ted has a large collection of articles on practicing marial arts, its philosopy, history and just random thoughts pertaining to what it means to use martial studies as a "way of life".

Also among his writing you may want to see our Instructors Notebook Series .

Reprints, here are some articles in PDF format, from magazines like Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu and the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.

Mei Flower Fist Reprint of an early article in English about the Mei Hua Style of Kung Fu

Moslem Kung Fu A much requested re-issue of Shihfu Mancuso's 1999 article on the "Fist of the Bodyguards."

This section shows interviews with Ted...

Interview: Lineage In the martial arts lineage is more than just a word ...

Interview: Aging and Kung Fu An interview focusing on the best way for the older martial artist to approach his or her practice

Here's a longish piece, always in the process of being updated, that answers many questions about the art of Bagua from our customers.

BGZ Explained Teacher Mancuso takes on the task of clarifying vocabulary and goals in the art of Ba Gua Zhang.


Jim Mann

Lymphatics and T'ai Chi Examining an intriguing correlation between traditional T'ai Chi practice and possibly a new view of the reasons for its efficacy.

Winning a Double Bout Regenesis practitioner and T'ai Chi instructor, tells of a student overcoming two very diverse opponents, one outside and one within.

Steve Matchett

Footsteps Instructor Steve Matchett stands and breathes and considers...

Hole in My Sole A nice piece describing the intimate moments in the life of a Practictioner

Butterfly Among the Broken Glass Steve reminds us that in the long study of Kung Fu a moment can sum up a lifetime.

Day One in Jinan Experiences in China in pursuit of Cha Style Kung Fu.

Rich Mooney

Tai Chi Ruler The Tai Chi Ruler revealed ...

Marco Sainte

No Teacher, Will Train What happens when you dearly want to study but have no teacher? Mr. Sainte considers the problems and opportunities...

Gary Shapiro married with two children, is a former USAF navigator. He has been practicing Tai Chi for as long as he's been a physical therapist- over 25 yrs- and is interested in applying the practical aspects of Tai Chi to benefit those with which he works.

His articles:


Shaykh Mohammad Abdullah Ansari

The Mind, The Body and Conscious Movement A Sufi perspective on what we all feel, or do we?

Debbie Shayne the guiding spirit of the Plum site, Debbie has been photographing students, sitting with Kung Fu masters and traveling here and there to interview and record pertinent information here and in Asia. She is one of those people that Kung Fu teachers solicit here opinions. And angle and an expert...

Her work:

Andrew Shinn

Healing a Martial Artist What can injuries teach us about our arts and selves?

Howard Slatoff

Soundings: On Seniors & Ch'i Kung A Senior's Perspective on Ch'i Kung


T'ai Chi: Why So Slow? How can something so slow be exercise?

The Body Natural,The Body Free Exactly what is "Natural"?

Staff translation

Heaven Mountain Chi Kung A section of Chi Kung you can learn from this never before translated text.

David Sterkin

Fists and Petals Some aspects of martial training are so poetic ...

Travis Rath

On the Road to Sisyphus Falls Some aspects of martial training are so personal; and in his inimitable manner Travis ...

Conversation Here you eavesdrop on the talk and thoughts of one who really practices martial arts.

The Problems of Practice A BaGua practitioner and black belt shares his poetry and insight into the darker impulses involved with martial training.

Joanna Zorya

What is Your Intention (Part Two): The Fine Art of Conflict Resolution In one of her longest articles instructor Joanna Zorya carefully examines the nature of martial arts and conflict and comes up with some thoughtful questions ...

Who, What, Where, When, How and Why? - An Almost Too Simple Formula

To Push, to Stick or To Hit? We heard that this piece inspired some adverse reactions when it first appeared, but we feel this article is right on. Your reactions? ...

WuBu, the Five Steps What is the deeper meaning of the seemingly simple act of stepping ...

What is Your Intention? J. Zorya shows us the varieties of intention and the degrees of commitment ...

Gentle Persistence Brings Just Reward Discussing the pedagogic advantages of persistence ...

Purpose, Quality & Direction T'ai Chi teacher Joanna Zorya is a little more than fed up by those who see her art as a "floaty" form of space dance...

Understanding the 6 Harmonies A contemplation on some fundamental concepts of Chinese Martial arts.

The Way of Water considering deeper issues in the art of Kung Fu.

8 Uses of Reeling Silk Joanna Zorya, the head of the Reeling Silk School, considers uses of Reeling Silk energy.

Fa Chin The issuance of power: its dynamics and the attitude it engenders.

"The Heron: my totem"
Peter Thelin
"My YI"
Beth Smith
Poem from Han Shan
Cold Mountain

The Viewpoint: Chinese Medicine

The Doctor as Warrior : In what sense are they the same ? ...
Overtraining : What Chinese medicine sees in positive behaviors turning negative...
Martial Language Lessons

Three: "The Right Box "

Two: "Here Comes the Sun"

One: "Gong is work"

Unlocking the Form

Unlocking #5: The Dynamic Stance. Maybe your knees should knock...

Unlocking #4: A Pivotal Exercise: using the straight sword to (sorry!) make a point .

Unlocking #3: Let's Sing a Refrain.

Unlocking #2: Taking a Step.

Unlocking #1: Wrapping a Saber.

Instructor's Notebook

Instructors Notebook Series
We won't say "for instructors only" but these articles concentrate on the joys and challenges of teaching Chinese martial arts. Decades of experience give this section a unique viewpoint. You may not always agree but the games, exercises, practices and philosophy will stimulate you to examine and refine your own views.



For what it's worth, opinions on the readability, quality and many successful and not-so books...


Review: Jake Burroughs discusses Gao Jian's Six Harmony Mantis DVD

CUSTOMERS, STUDENTS and basically everyone's reviews

T'ai Chi as a Path of Wisdom

The Martial Artist's Way

Moving Towards Stillness

Sensing Hands

The Sword Polisher's Record

Shao-Lin Chuan

Kodo Ancient Ways     

Chinese Fast Wrestling   

Path Notes of an Amercan Ninja Master

Push Hands

T'ai Ch'i Training in China:Teachers & Coaches

Visual Bibliography
Traditional Page
Simplified Page
Illustrations and descriptions of Chinese martial texts such dealing with BaGua, Xing Yi and other styles. Most are accompanied by a picture from the book's interior. A good place to browse ...

Here are some excerpts from our publication

by professor Kang Ge Wu, one of China's leading martail arts historians. These will give you some idea of the completeness of the text and its thorough handling of authentic Chinese martial history.

The Year 1101
The Year 1214
The Year 1680
The Year 206 b.c.e.

The text: 5000 Years

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