Adam Hsu's much anticipated...

Lone Sword Against the Cold Cold Sky

Without a doubt one of the finest series of writing ever to appear in English on the art and practice of Kung Fu. These essays and articles will become a permanent part of your reading and thinking about this complex, beautiful and highly effective art. Adam Hsu expresses opinions and displays research that challenges and re-thinks the common cliches. At the same time he offers real solutions for the "Kung Fu mess", and methods for people even without proper instruction to improve and deepen their arts. These writings span almost two decades and are the cream of the work that helped to make Adam Hsu an internationally recognized and respected teacher.

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319 Pages, softbound, photographs and illutrations,

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Reader Reactions...


Dear PlumPub
I'm just writing to say that I have received my copy of "Lone sword against the cold cold sky" and all is safe and sound !
Although I have only read a few of the articles I think this book should come with a warning "..this may seriously transform your practice" !!!
Thanks for the prompt delivery.
AN, England


Hi Debbie,
 I've just received my order yesterday (the delivery is quite fast!!).. I'd like to let you know that the new book.of essays by Sifu Adam Hsu is really a BRILLIANT book.. yeh as Ted said  it's worth of 100 martial arts books.. as I also practised Yin fu Baqua chang in the lineage of grandmaster Liu Yun Chao, I really appreciated the information he released on the art of baqua chang in particular.. this book is really a treasure for martial arts enthusiasts.. this is THE BEST martial arts books I've ever read in years!!!
Best Regards, KP


Wow, I am flipping out over this book. Mr. Hsu has put A LOT of really good principles to words down in this here. Lone Sword Against The Cold Cold Sky has definitely ousted The Sword Polisher's Record as my favorite martial arts book. If there was such thing as "required reading" in a martial arts class, then this would have to be on the list. In fact I've already called a few of my martial arts buddies and demanded they get this book ASAP!...

DA, Greensboro, NC

The book arrived last week and I've been devouring it over the weekend. Thanks - its superb - packed with great info, provocative opinions and wit.
I love it.


I got the book over the weekend, and it is wonderful.
Thank you so much!


Love the Adam Hsu book.


Hi Debbie,
... By the way, Adam Hsu's book is great. There is so much information that I have to stop and reflect on it on a regular basis. Wonderful book and thank you for publishing it.


And Adam Hsu book is like a bible, everybody should have a copy.















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