DVD#24149 & 24150 Bagua
Introduction to San Shou Fighting
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In this TWO DVD SERIES Marcus Brinkman, acupuncturist and student of Luo De Xiu, show a very organized approach to Bagua fighting applications. Brinkman starts every action from a loose San Shou position then shows how it can be applied in the pattern to get the general idea. He covers the Eight basic actions. His movements, rooted in the Gao style, are general enough for anyone to benefit. His hands are light and subtle to the point where some might sense he is being lackadaisical. Nonetheless the applications give a very clear approach to entering and controlling with Bagua actions. The eight points of this approach are: Volume #1: Chuan (pierce), Ban (move), Jie (intercept) and Lan (obstruct). Volume #2 covers: Ting (twist), Fan (overturn), Zou (walking) and Zhuan (Turning). These techniques live up to their name: Clever Hands. This would be an excellent class workout or workshop approach with a lot of partner who might change among themselves while applying the methods.