Yang Ban Hou Tai Chi - 81 Movement Form   (Part 2) -DVD#25054  
Instruction - 48 min. Moves 47 to 81  (back to DVD page)

"Yang Lu Chan, founder of Yang taijiquan, had three sons, but the first died at an early age., Yang Banhou and his younger brother Yang Jianhou revised their father's system into the small and medium frames of Yang taijiquan. Volumes 53 and 54 cover the Xiao Jia or "small frame" 81 movement form of Yang Banhou. Master Yu Xiaolin is 70 years old and has devoted himself to the practice of traditional martial arts for over 55 years. He has mastered many systems and specializes in the three branches of Yang taijiquan: Yang Banhou, Yang Jianhou and Yang Cheng Fu. In regard to his lineage his teacher was Master Xu Xiao Fong of Shanghai, who was an indoor student of Tian Zhaolin. Grandmaster Tian Zhaolin studied directly with both Yang Shaohou and his father Yang Jianhou. Volume 53 begins with the entire form demonstrated at medium speed. Additionally sections one and two are demonstrated at the beginning and end of their respective form repetition sections. Section one form repetition is broken down into four movement groupings and section two is divided into nine. Volume 54 begins with a review of sections one and two demonstrated continuously at normal speed. Section three is performed two times at the beginning and end of the form repetition segment. Section three form repetition is divided into seven groupings of movements. All of the individual groups are performed four times before moving on to the next group in the sequence. This title concludes with a demonstration of the entire 81 movement form at normal speed.

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