Master Liou Wan Fu - #DVD 25020
Instruction - 55 min.   (back to DVD page)

"At 72 years of age Master Liou Wan Fu demonstrates the internal forms of the kung fu systems of Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Dragon Pa Qua Chang, and Five Element / Twelve Animal Hsing-I Chuan. In addition he also demonstrates iron groin conditioning, extreme flexibility such as toe kissing and dropping into thesplits, and a selection of the 13 Imperial Exercises. This is a demonstration title made for educational purposes only, not for instruction. Conditioning such as Iron Groin must be done under close supervision of a qualified instructor."

Liou Wan Fu demonstrates his skills including from the Imperial Exercises, Dragon Bagua, Five Element Xing Yi, and special training for flexibility including a demonstration of Iron Groin.

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