Yu Hua Long Hsing Yi & Cha Chuan   - DVD#25007
Instruction - 47 min. (back to DVD page)

At 72 years of age Master Yu Hua Long of Shanghai demonstrates The Two and One Half Ba set of Hsing-I Chuan. This system is from the Muslim Six Harmony/Ten Animal Xing-I system. It wasn't taught until 1949 to non-muslims. Master Yu demonstrates the ten animals, seven fists and five elements of Hsing-I Chuan. Master Yu also demonstrates weapon forms and an open hand set from the Cha Chuan martial art system (also known as Jiao Men another Muslim Fist).

Among the performances are:

Ten Animals, Seven Fists, Five Powers and Six Elements
in solo and partner training exercises
Also Cha (Zha) Saber, Two-Hand Saber, Kuan Dao, Double Hook knives and Spear

We met Yu Hu aLong in ShangHai and found him to be a truly gracious and fine person. As we understand it he has been an advisor to the Qing Wu Association for many years and is considered a major expert on Cha Fist.

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