First, be advised that all of these VCD's are IN CHINESE ONLY. In our opinion that doesn't matter much because the instruction is clear and the quality of photography very good. But we will not accept returns just because people didn't read... IN CHINESE ONLY. Given that, these are really tremendous deals for the money. Each of these special VCD's can be played on a computer for full enjoyment. Made for PC's they are also Mac compatible by downloading Quick time (for free) and any similar VCD player program. Also playable on most DVD players. For less than $10.00? Wow!

Hop Gar (Lama, Tibetan White Crane) Boxing

Often considered a Tibetan style, Hop Gar is a dynamic long fist style with a fierce history. In its lineage, it counts one of the Ten Tigers of Canton: Wong Yan Lum. This rarely seen style is proud of its strong fighting heritage. Developed around a specific set of principles such as angled evasion, no blocking and striking the pulse point, Hop Gar has an almost underground reputation as a powerful and no-nonsense approach to combat. Yet it's wide open movement have led some to discribe it as White Crane, but TIBETAN White Crane unrelated to the Fukian branch. Lin Xin's teacher was a famous Hop Gar inspiration, Deng Jing Tao.
NOTE: This collection is not subtitled in Chinese and Xin Lin speaks Cantonese, not Mandarin.

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Lama Sword play
Lin Xin's Hung Gar VCDs and DVDs and his Hung version of Wing Chun .

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VCD#1735 Hop Gar Basics and Qigong
Double VCD, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


Hop or Xia means “knight” in Chinese. This Tibetan styles is famous for its "Ape" swing punches, agile Crane like steps, and sudden changes to intercepting energy. This DVD shows all the basics for the system. It also shows, and this is always a bonus, those Qigong exercises specifically geared toward the practice of this style. Note: All the explanations in this VCD are in Cantonese, not Mandarin. This is a Double VCD

VCD#1736 Small Luo Han Boxing
About an hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


Small LuoHan Boxing is a great medium sized form with a special emphasis on the famous Long Arm Wave punch. Many tight spins and spinning back fists. Strong fast movement and solid stances. A nice Hop Gar form with characteristic moves. Xin Lin's explanation breaks down the forty or so moves with very clear demonstrations. If you are a fan of Southern Boxing of Tibetan White Crane this form is, in our opinion, a little gem.