First, be advised that all of these VCD's are IN CHINESE ONLY. In our opinion that doesn't matter much because the instruction is clear and the quality of photography very good. But we will not accept returns just because people didn't read... IN CHINESE ONLY. Given that, these are really tremendous deals for the money. Each of these special VCD's can be played on a computer for full enjoyment. Made for PC's they are also Mac compatible by downloading Quicktime (for free) and any similar VCD player program. Also playable on most DVD players. For less than $10.00? Wow!

Ba Men (Eight Gates) Boxing

Ba Men Boxing is popular in China's North Western frontier around Gan Su, Qing Hai, Ning Xia, Xin Jiang etc.; places where it is one form from an outstanding boxing tradition, with long history, rich contents, and prominent special characteristics. A hard, fast style Ba Men is deeply reliant on Chinese philosophical principles such as Eight Doors, Five Elements, Ten Celestial Stems, etc. .
Demonstrator: Hao Xin Lian. His performance is that of, an older teacher still with some good actions but not in the prime of life. What's occuring in China now is some of these disks are being produced because there are instructors finding it hard to pass on their inheritance, so we often see the teacher performing without even help from a disciple.
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Bamen Kung Fu Tearing Fist

VCD#1093 Ba Men Heavenly Stem Tearing Fist
Over an Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese only


Tian Gan Si Quan. This is the core set for learning Ba Men. It is a large form with over 100 moves and contains a miscellany of kicks, strikes and maneuvers. This set is one of the Four Big Fists of the entire style. Some short and long actions mixed, a few difficult kicks, many actions.
A Double VCD.

Bamen Kung Fu 10 Row Hands

VCD#1094 Ba Men 10 Row Hands
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


Shi Pai Shou. Ba Men resembles, in some aspects, Hua Quan or Chi Family Tong Bei for it utilizes short, rapid hand movements that go in clusters like Mantis techniques. In this form it mixes these with some Long Arm motions and elbow strikes. The actions are sophisticated the stance work very fluid with rather high stances and some complicated foot moves.

Bamen Kung Fu Tong Bei Boxing

VCD#1095 Ba Men Tong Bei Boxing
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


As we were some of he first to say, at least in English, Tong Bei is not so much a style (though a style does exist) as a principle shared by ALL of Kung Fu. That reiterated, this Ba Men version is much like the Tong Bei most Kung Fu players might have seen. There are long motions to unify the back (the princile in action) then short, fast flutters of hands. This is a key form to Ba Men which relies on the Tong Bei principle a great deal.