First, be advised that all of these VCD's are IN CHINESE ONLY . In our opinion that doesn't matter much because the instruction is clear and the quality of photography very good. But we will not accept returns just because people didn't read... IN CHINESE ONLY. Given that, these are really tremendous deals for the money. Each of these special VCD's can be played on a computer for full enjoyment. Made for PC's they are also Mac compatible by downloading Quicktime (for free) and any similiar VCD player pro gram.Also playable on most DVD players. For less than $10.00? Wow!

TAI CHI Chen Style with Li En Jiu

Not only is Li EnJiu famous in the West as well as the East for his Tai Chi but he is a top Mei Hua Mantis stylist as well. He teaches in Shandong and has given demonstrations and tours throughout the United States.Li En Jiu is the leading exponent of the Hong branch of the Chen Style Tai Chi. He is particularly famous for his Poa Chui. Li studied from Hong JunSheng (1906-1996) who learned directly from Chen FaKe In BeiJing. Because much of the information is not from the Xin Jia (New Frame) the movements are highly martial, not particularly fancy and very clear in their meaning. His actions are more similar to those of Chen QingZhou or the 108 Small Frame Chen.

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VCD#808 Chen Tai Chi Road #1
This is a Triple VCD, see VCD pricing, Chinese Only


Chen's Hong Style Fist Road #1 shows soft taking first place from hard. Their mutual interplay becomes the foundation of the practice. With precise angles and motions the moves are compact and detailed appropriately using the idea of boxing as the criterion. To practice this fist well one has to have integrity, agility, distinguish the parts clearly and wed soft with hard. Triple VCD.

VCD#809 Chen Tai Chi Road #2
This is a Double VCD,see VCD pricing, Chinese Only


Chen style's Hong Fist #2 is also called Pao Chui. It takes hardness for the leader and is a little more complicated than #1. Some characteristics are shocking footwork and trembling body, integrated with the Ch'i. A good physical workout the movements demand strength to blend with speed. Agility is also part of the tactical arsenal. This dynamic set is particularly appropriate to those who want to demonstrate energy and verve. Li EnJiu is well known for his Pao Chui (see top bio). Double VCD.

VCD#810 Chen Tai Chi Tai Chi Saber
About an hour, see VCD pricing, Chinese Only


"Tai Chi's saber flavor is direct and useful. It's skills cover wrap roll prick block split and hack with fast movements alternating with slow. Like a tiger descending from a mountain, the fierce moves work against long or short weapons showing an agility and strength evident to all." All that's the official back of the box description. In this case much of it is true. Li EnJiu's saber is a sleeper. Those looking for fancy twists will be disappointed but this longish set is elegant and informed. There is a distinct lack of emphasis on the typical Bao "wrapping" and far more on Beng - as should be appropriate with a Tai Chi broadsword.

VCD#811 Chen Tai Chi Tai Chi Sword
About an hour, see VCD pricing, Chinese Only


This version of Tai Chi sword is passed down from Chen FaKe! Originally designed with 54 moves in six sections this set is logical, combining Chen Tai Chi body arts with footwork, agility and the flicking strength that characterizes fencing usage. This weapon directly grows from the practice of Tai Chi boxing which allows the player to be soft and round and spontaneous in both hand and weapon forms.