First, be advised that all of these VCD's are IN CHINESE ONLY. In our opinion that doesn't matter much because the instruction is clear and the quality of photography very good. But we will not accept returns just because people didn't read... IN CHINESE ONLY. Given that, these are really tremendous deals for the money. Each of these special VCD's can be played on a computer for full enjoyment. Made for PC's they are also Mac compatible by downloading Quicktime (for free) and any similar VCD player program. Also playable on most DVD players. For less than $10.00? Wow!


One of the oldest continuous styles of Kung Fu in the world. Famous the world over. Associated with the birthplace of Chan (Zen) meditation. Many of these forms are, in our opinion, purposely meant to "look ancient."

The first form of boxing represented is Buddha style, also known as Fu Boxing. It has only been out of the Temple for about 140 years. It was a reserved system. Watching the two person sets here compared to many two person Shaolin exercises we do see a considerably higher level of application. This is not so much a Big Move, Big Stance stance as the logical application of Long Fist which is ALWAYS shorter than the practice methods. A very distinctive forward lean on the 70/30 stance. While so many of the modern Shaolin practitioners are actively trying to resemble old prints and illustrations they come no where near the ancient looking postures of this style.
Demonstrated by : Xue Feng Yan.

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Buddha Kung Fu 24 MannersVCD#895 Shaolin Buddha 24 Manners
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


Teacher: Xue Feng Yan. For Fu Han you might also think "Luo Han". Here is a style that, at first blush, looks like a Southern Fist but isn't Derived from Shaolin, this form shows a set in a "road" fashion with tight posture and many palms hand changes. The basic Buddha hand comes up often along with many folding actions. At first it seems somewhat restricted and specialized but read the next review.

Buddha Kung Fu 12 MethodsVCD#896 Shaolin Buddha 12 Manners
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


A short form from the Buddha style, a derivative of Shaolin is shown here. The moves are performed with a hunched back, leaning forward with almost Southern style palm changes and folds. But this VCD could also be considered a Survey for the style. After this 12 Manner, 24 and 36 Manner sets are shown. All linear and "road " style. Then the partner versions of these are also shown with A LOT of duet forms that go through a wide gamut of moves combining Chin Na, striking, kicks, pushes. There are over a dozen of these short two person sets and many have leg locks, ground rolls, cartwheels. While some of the moves are fanciful its interesting to see how many Chin Na applications there are. You would have to have fast eyes to learn but many wild moves. Also an advanced 52 Manner set.

Buddha Kung Fu 24 FistsSpecial Order: VCD#900 Shaolin 24 Road Opposing Fists
Ten (10) Vcds , Special Price: $54.95 Chinese Only


Fu Han Kung Fu has some of the most interesting two person sets we have had on this site. For shear prolificacy, if nothing else, they are noteworthy. Here are 24 separate forms, all empty handed, each of about fifteen or twenty moves a piece. Each side "flips" so both partners have a chance to do either role. There is a huge range of striking and grappling including leg scissors, Chin Na, locks and counters and even stuff like cartwheels out of wrist throws. But this is definitely not contemporary WuShu. The stances are strong. Not every movement is perfectly executed but the general logic of each sequence gives clear idea to what was supposed to be happening. Cooperative exercises are of course of limited value for real training but this is an absolutely fascinating way to introduce basic skills. Obviously the sets were designed with enough similar moves to be purposefully cross matched and blended together into some thing resembling spontaneity.
There are ten (10) VCDs in this set.

NOTE: This is quite a selection and therefore we only offer it as a special order. Our turn-around time is very good so it may not take any more than a few extra days but we wanted everyone to know. If you can, remind us of this SPECIAL ORDER status.

Buddha Kung Fu 52 FormsVCD#901 Shaolin Buddha 52 Manners
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


A more advanced set. Many claw motions and seemingly Short Arm actions mixed with a lot of variable stances. Definitely Shaolin but of a considerable different stripe. Wrapping and rubbing hands, Chin Na moves, some almost random chains of actions. Strong but not brittle.

Buddha Kung Fu 108 PosturesVCD#902 Shaolin 108 Postures 36 Manners
Triple VCD, VCD pricing, Chinese Only


A major form of the style. No one could think of this as a performance set. The moves literally look like a collection of grappling and striking techniques many which are performed in a manner that looks almost like the teacher is forgetting from movement to movement. He isn't but that just goes to show how the sections are fight-oriented and separated. Again Fu Han's distinctive leaning forward posture. Few other sets so exactly resemble the ancient wood blocks figures we have so often see in old books.
This is a triple VCD.