First, be advised that all of these VCD's are IN CHINESE ONLY. In our opinion that doesn't matter much because the instruction is clear and the quality of photography very good. But we will not accept returns just because people didn't read... IN CHINESE ONLY. Given that, these are really tremendous deals for the money. Each of these special VCD's can be played on a computer for full enjoyment. Made for PC's they are also Mac compatible by downloading Quicktime (for free) and any similar VCD player program. Also playable on most DVD players. For less than $10.00? Wow!


Demonstrators:Various. One of the oldest continuous styles of Kung Fu in the world. Famous the world over. Associated with the birthplace of Chan (Zen) meditation. Shaolin, what more is there to say?

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Chen Tai Chi Chen Fa Ke applications NEW! SC254 Protect the Heart Boxing, Book and VCD
$21.95, Chinese / English
101 pages, softbound book with accompanying VCD

This book starts off with historical background, basics and features of the Shaolin system. Here is a famous, and one of the longest, Shaolin forms. There is some feeling that it might be a pre-cursor to Xing Yi, possibly because of the name. Definitely a Northern Long Arm form with some classic Shaolin postures, this should be attempted by, at least, intermediate practitioners or students. The yolk punches are powerful, the kicks fast, and there are a number of famous Shaolin postures. Theme and refrain—that is to say, certain key movements—are repeated and give an overall structure to the form. A strong performance of an ancient form.




Shaolin Kung Fu Jin Gang Form

VCD#1 Shaolin style Jin Gang Fist
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only

It's only fair. We gave the #1 spot to a Shaolin Kung Fu fist. This set- Jin Gang or Buddha Warrior (Vajra) -is a combination of traditional and contemporary with a distinct feel of Shaolin's "hard" energy. The practitioner is good and the set is fun with classic moves and a few more difficult "skills". Breakdown is complete and step-by-step.



Shaolin Kung Fu Small Hong Fist

VCD#101 Shaolin style Small Hong Fist
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only

Our first VCD #1 was Shaolin and now we celebrate passing into the hundreds with VCD #101 from the same ancient family. Xu Xi-Chang demonstrates the "Small Red Fist" a historically accurate version of Shaolin - one of the few sets to have survived the tribulations surrounding the temple. Along with the 10 sets comprising the Gu Ru-Zhang style of Northern Shaolin, there are few indeed historically verifiable forms. This is one of them cross checked against illustrated documents still in existence. A representative Shaolin form.



DVD version.

Shaolin Kung Fu Great mercy Boxing

VCD#103 Shaolin style Great Mercy Boxing
Triple VCD, VCD pricing, Chinese Only

This is a form of Shaolin very popular around the BeiJing area. Great Mercy has many similarities to Tai Chi, BaGua and Xing Yi. It is done slowly with controlled movements and therefore belongs in the less well known "soft" side of Shaolin Temple Boxing. Qiao Xu-Quan is a third generation inheritor of this rare style. This long set is the key form of the style. Great Mercy boxing also has one interesting aspect rarely seen. Practitioners of the style often recite Mantras to themselves while practicing the form. This is not shown here but is an interesting aspect of the training.
A Triple VCD.



Shaolin Kung Fu Yin Yang Staff

VCD#156 Shaolin style Yin Yang Staff
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only

A very traditional staff form representative of the Shaolin style. A nicely done set with introductory remarks by Shaolin monk teacher and performance by 34th generation practitioner Si Xing-Lin. The YinYang Staff is one of the many sets from Shaolin (at one time it boasted 200 !). We would consider this intermediate. The hand formation is generally what is known as "southern" or "yin/yin" meaning both palms down. There are a few jumps and some excellent wide sweeping movements mixed with short hooking patterns. The instruction is broken down well with subtitling in Chinese in case your PuTongHua can't cut the thick Song Shan accent. A good, solid set easily learnable, in our opinion, from the VCD.



Shaolin Kung Fu 5 Shapes 8 Methods

VCD#199 Shaolin style 5 Shapes 8 Methods
Double VCD , VCD pricing, Chinese Only

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Demonstrator/Teacher Qing FengQinis a committee member of the BeiJing Wushu Association. As a Shaolin practitioner he is one of the best we've seen in this series. His movements are brisk, forceful and clean. His intent is clear as he moves. His Shaolin forms are accurate yet sophisticated unlike many of the "primitive forms" being done to resemble what Shaolin should look like in the popular mind. This is a very well known Shaolin form called FIVE SHAPES EIGHT METHODS by which is meant Five Animals. A good, long form of the Shaolin family with the animals clearly shown mixed with explosive power. A good demonstration on two VCDs. Authentic Shaolin style, not just someone dressed up in orange. This form of Shaolin The Jin Gang or Vajra dates from at least the Mid-Ming over 400 years ago when Shaolin was in one of its strongest modes. The Vajra Fist claims to have been formed at the beginning of Yuan Dynasty which would put it over 1000 years ago. At the end of the Mind Shaolin went through a typical "boiling down" period where movements were reorganized and forms restructed. This set combining 5 Animals: Dragon( mind), Tiger ( bone), leopard ( explosive power), snake ( ch'i) and Crane (spirit) inter-relates to the classic 8 Methods: Internal Gong, External Gong, mental refinement, fist skills, leg & footwork, body, grappling, and qi accumulation.
Double VCD.



Shaolin Kung Fu Guard Mountain Staff

VCD#200 Shaolin style Guard Mountain Staff
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only

ZHEN SHAN GWUN Tranquil or Guard the Mountain Staff. A respectable Shaolin stick set. This set is based on Double Yin hands (both palms down) with relatively medium use of the weapon good basics strong movements with clear actions ZhenShan Staff is an old and rare staff routine almost lost for the last hundreds years. It has 16 practical techniques for close and long range defense and attack which include short and long moves, circling, tip and butt strikes.



Shaolin Kung Fu Jin Gang Big Knife

VCD#201 Shaolin style Jin Gang Big Knife
Double VCD , VCD pricing, Chinese Only

JIN GANG BIG KNIFE. In our opinion, the best Big Knife set we have in stock. Long, various performed with actual skill and feeling for the weapon. Performed in the Shaolin tradition; generally well known for Big Knife work. Two tapes, extensive instuction. Double VCD.



Shaolin Kung Fu  Demo

VCD#219 Shaolin style Demonstration VCD
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only

SHAOLIN demonstrations at the temple. Over thirty demonstrations of Shaolin style. Pu Dao vs. Spear, Three person staff sets, Big Knife, Iron Body, breaking, children's martial arts and even a Monk's spades set. Some have the look and feel of more contemporary revisions but some capture the flavor of Shaolin Temple boxing.



Shaolin Kung Fu Chuo Jiao style

VCD#230 Shaolin style Chuo Jiao
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only

Demonstrator/Teacher Zhang Ji Zong, 3rd generation inheritor of Tai Chi 5 Elements Tonbei Fist.

Cross Training is nothing new, despite the magazines. Tong Bei is well-known for having many influences just as it influenced much of martial history. Here a fiesty TongBei teacher, this fellow is lively if nothing else, shows the Penetrating Foot. As with much Chuo Jiao the kicks are everything and the form shown is more a series of movements. Chuo Jiao is now identified with Fan Tzi of Tumbling Boxing so expect a few cartwheels from Zhang's competent student. Is there a "Shaolin" style Chuo Jiao. The records say Yes indeed.



Shaolin Kung Fu Boxing

VCD#506 Shaolin style SHAOLIN QUAN
About 1 Hour, VCD pricing, Chinese Only

A nice little set from a Shaolin champion. This is the same performer who demonstrates on Rou Gong #1. This is a later Shaolin set more like the Shaolin forms of the Gu Yu Zhang lineage though not one of those. The filming accommodations are not great but the set itself is solid and rather pretty. In some branches it is the introductory form to the style. Definitely Shaolin.