Why we reject some items.

We originally established this site as an information nexus for those interested in Kung Fu Wushu. Of course we sometimes see items that, critically, we just don't think come up to snuff. Here are the main reasons...

In this case we mean the performance. Yes, we are aware that this person may be your great grandmaster (in which case, our apologies) but in the particular performance on the VCD, DVD or whatever the effect is poor: lacking power, tentative, not representative of the style, uninspired generally. We're convinced that sometimes we are seeing amateurs, out of practice, to whom somebody said, "You're the only one who does this still. See if you uniform stills fits." Sorry, not good enough though we have sympathy.

Contrary to what some might think we don't despise Contemporary WuShu. We just think everything should be clearly distinguished and they are different enough to distinguish. We're well aware of the sophisticated arguments for evolutionary stages but in the case of the item we think the traditional and the contemporary are unnecessarily confused. Don't feel bad if this is a little unclear at first , even in China new generation of students can barely tell the difference (even though it's pretty much obvious in most cases to anyone trained).

Nothing's worse than a great master performance with poor sound, screwed up editing and digital breaks. You may want this anyway for research and we'll gladly special order it.

Flavor is a big issue with us. You CAN make Cha look like any other Northern Kung Fu style, and its possible to do such an undistinguished Ba Gua you can't even guess its style but why promote such things?

Sure, this guy says he studied with Brendal Lai in the Mantis but we know he didn't, this is Wu Dang because anything anyone wants to do is Taoist martial arts, this famous BaGua practitioner in Taiwan is really a dancer. We know and sometimes we can say it and sometimes we know enough to just not carry the line. Some times we'll carry it just for educational purposes. As Da Vinci said, to understand beauty, you have to study ugliness. We get a lot of information from reputable sources but we don't want the silly yelling matches that occur on so many bulletin boards. We're not a court to condemn but an arena to discuss.

It's hard, on a site as crowded with information as ours, to keep everything in stock even if we only sell three a year. So the last reason is crass inventory control, nothing more and is no comment on the item.











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