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These DVDs show even more of the art of Wing Chun demonstrated by different teachers and students. In this section we have the work of Ma TengLong and William Cheung.

NOTE: The Pan Nam DVD's are SUBTITLED in English and have Cantonese tracks as well as Mandarin (PuTongHua) audio.
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Wing Chun Wooden DummyDVD#25209 Wing Chun Dummy
by Sifu Sam Hing Fai Chan $34.95 

There are countless versions of Wing Chun Wooden Dummy practice, probably because the Dummy is such an important tool to learning, enhancing skill, and mastering Wing Chun.

Sifu Chan has created a clear, instructional DVD to provide some of the most complete information to date on unlocking the secrets of the Wing Chun Mok Yan Jong. Practice on the wooden dummy hones and refines the techniques learned from the Sil Lim Tau, Chum Kiu, and Biu Gee forms. It also strengthens the forearms, improves footwork, and helps to define strategies and tactics for Chi Sau, which makes this DVD especially helpful.

This DVD includes:  

• The entire dummy set in seven sections

• Detailed footwork and kicks

• Chi Sau applications

• Multiple camera angles

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Pan Nam style Wing Chun Chi Kung QigongDVD#24209 Siu Nim Tao Actual Combat
By Ma TengLong, World Southern Boxing Champion, International Martial Arts All Round Champion, National Martial Arts Champion
He studied under Chen Jin Hui (CLF), Deng Hua (Wing Chun), Huang JiaDa, (Zong He Synthetic Boxing), Luo Qiang (Dragon Form Boxing), Wu YiMing (WC), Chen LanGuang (Nan Quan), Chen MaoGuang (Nan Quan), Liu Jin Quan (Tai Chi). Not only has he won many championship but so have his students.

As the saying goes, “There’s a hard Wing Chun and a soft Wing Chun.” This is the hard approach. Ma shows the first form which, in the main, is relatively standard. He definitely emphasizes issuing power and some of the movements, such as Cross Hands, are done with quite a bit of Fa Jing. Every movement is broken down by performing in front of his class how it is applied. Some of the applications seem unnecessarily direct and simplified but there is no lack of intent. This is, of course, the foundational form of the style and Ma’s responses are strong and straight forward, no pun intended.

English subtitles  

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Pan Nam style Wing Chun Chi Kung QigongDVD#24206 Chum Kiu Actual Combat

After a light introduction with a Wing Chun sparring session this DVD gets right to work giving breakdowns on this very down to earth version of Chum Kiu. The elbowing turning sections, particularly, are emphasized as strong hard moves. Not so much a DVD teaching the form as one showing you what is in it.

English subtitles   

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Pan Nam style Wing Chun Chi Kung QigongDVD#24207 BiuTze Actual Combat

This DVD starts with a Lion Dance from Ma’s Wing Chun group. A nice two man lion presentation. Next is a section of spontaneous striking on the wooden (or in this case PVC) dummy by Ma himself. After this he goes into his breakdowns with an emphasis on elbow techniques. This DVD ends with Ma showing all three WC sets one right after the other.

English subtitles   

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Pan Nam style Wing Chun Chi Kung QigongDVD#24208 Wing Chun Actual Combat

This DVD starts like a lecture with a lot of advice on exercising and diet along with proper rest. Different strength are discussed like the inch energy which he exemplifies by throwing the student into waiting assistants. (We see that there is a little help in these demonstrations by Ma’s other hand but can’t decide if he is simply protecting the student.) He shows a lot of breakdowns all punctuated by STUDENT APPLAUSE. Everything here is real Wing Chun with a rambling long lecture on usage and a sort of forced series of demonstrations which, to our eyes, simply means that the teacher isn’t used to video. Worth some time especially if you are a WC stylist.

English subtitles   

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William Cheung Wing Chun

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DVD#18122 Fine Points of Chi Sao

The well known senior student and friend of Bruce Lee gives an informal, conversational lecture on fine points of Sticky Hands. His comments are good for those who have enough experience to realize the short cuts and refinements he is offering in his unhurried, calm approach.He points are mostly ancillary. This means you should know one and two arm chi sao, lop sao drills, etc. The questions put top him refer to fine point such as "When to Attack?", and "How Much Force should be Used?" .

60+ Minutes       

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