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Wan Lai Sheng was a famous master of three schools; Shaolin, Six harmony and Ziran (Natural). Friend of martial artists, champion fighter, he was a major influence on Chinese martial arts.
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Instructor: LIANG SHOU ZHONG is a good demonstrator interested in showing key points to the techniques. He has a very modern, positive approach to the information he shows. He is quick to point out key movements and concepts.
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DVD #11233 Eight Outside Legs

This is an explanation and demonstration of famous instructor, Wan Lai Sheng's, important leg actions. There is no form here but in depth details on the basic eight leg attacks and their relation to self defense. The demonstration is less "staged" than when we sometimes see as real usage. LiangShou Zhong's teaching is exceptionally "modern" and complete with details articulated and not skipped.

Quantity   $15.95 (English Subtitles)

DVD #11234 Eight Inside Legs

More kung fu kicking skills. This time there is a lot of leg against arm action as these actions teach not only normal defenses with powerful kicks but the distinctly different actions of legs vs. arms and other Northern style specializes like angular kicks and spatial adaptation.

Quantity   $15.95 (English Subtitles);

DVD #11235 Eight "Dark" Strikes

You can attack in the light or in the shade. These are basic but skillful attacks with the hands including hand switches with pushes, elbow strikes, throws and other significant special attacks. Most of them are in close, and come at unusual angles. A push is, after all, a push. It's HOW you deliver it that makes the difference.

Quantity   $15.95 (English Subtitles)

DVD #11236 Eight "Bright" Strikes

With exuberance and almost mischievous delight this instructor shows basic strikes with arms and legs that might be termed "ming" or bright and direct. All the movements in this series fall into a category some instructors would call "embryonic." That means that while they appear to be simple one action or two action techniques they are actually more than that. They are the significant actions from which entire techniques and series of techniques could be built. Shown with intelligent variations.

Quantity   $15.95 (English Subtitles)

DVD #11237 Eight Outside Punches

Actually punches and kicks, throws and strikes. The demonstrations are nicely done with energetic applications where we often see lethargic movements. The actions are basic but sophisticated with angles that lead to variations. If there is a punch the angle is blind or compliments the angle of attack or it goes into variables what can happen next. Good fundamental Kung Fu approach to attacks. These moves come to us from Wan Lai Sheng himself and show a knowledge of fighting and a straight forward approach to the subject.

Quantity   $15.95 (English Subtitles)

DVD #11238 Eight Inside Punches

Shoulder bumping, sweeps, takedowns, tight locks, turning strikes and all the rest for powerful inside fighting. Follows pretty much the format of the overall presentation. Liang's applications and light hearted but dedicated approach is a pleasure compared to the somewhat distracted way many teachers approach this subject. You don't need much Chinese here. He's pretty demonstrative.

Quantity   $15.95 (English Subtitles)

DVD #11239 Zhang San Feng Sword

This is not the standard Tai Chi sword. It is a Wu Dang style sword, slow and soft, filtered through the knowledge of a real Kung Fu professional, Wan Lai Sheng. The movements are conservative and ancient with a special emphasis on Mo or rubbing action. Relatively tight stances and movements but a deep feeling of control and engagement rather then just posed and regulated traditional dance.

Quantity   $15.95 (English Subtitles)