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Wan Lai Sheng was a famous master of three schools; Shaolin, Six harmony and Ziran (Natural). Friend of martial artists, champion fighter, he was a major influence on Chinese martial arts. More on teacher Wan Lai Sheng.

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#10821  Wan LaiSheng Chin Nah Form

This DVD starts with some footage of Wan himself practicing Chin Nah with a student. Two person Chin Nah is used to refine self defense skills. It uses locks and twists to force the partner to hyper extend beyond the capacity of normal human joint range. This causes pain and control. The techniques of China Nah include: Cut, Dot, Move, Hold, Seal, Shut, Exploit, Button. This is a "Chin Nah form" that is a two person stylized rendition of attacks and counters. In the case of Chin Nah duet sets tend to show more useful information. A good way to practice.

About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles        

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#10822  Wan LaiSheng Golden Phoenix Wing Saber

This DVD starts with actual footage of Wan himself practicing the saber. This is also known as Six Harmony Saber. It is one of the favorite weapons of Chinese Martial arts, praised highly by former generations of martial practitioners. The saber's special technique requires speed to be blended with strength, bravery and energy. Techniques include: Split, Chop, Prick, Hang, Hack, Wrap (Chan Tou) and Bind (GuoNao). Most importantly, Liang is a good and professional teacher. His points are well described and appropriate. NOTE: This DVD includes saber applications, a rarity these days!

About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles        

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#10824 Wan LaiSheng 8 Step Hook

This DVD has footage of Wan LaiSheng playing this with a student, not the best light. This is one of the many partner practices from Six Harmony style. It has light stepping, quick actions, maneuvering, turning hands and strikes It utilizes strategy to outwit strength. What it encounters it captures, never breaking away. It retreats advance. It follows every change like a leaf in the wind. This is an unusual partner set, done so fast it almost looks like moving Sticky Hands. Very lively and, for a teacher, many possibilities. The set is constructed so you can repeat it endlessly without stopping, switching sides spontaneously. The instruction is solid and specific: the teacher "present" with the student.

About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles        

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#10825 Wan LaiSheng Partner Practices ChiBi

Contains footage of Wan LaiSheng playing this form. We don't know who invented this Duet Set but it was handed down from Wan's instructor Zhao XinZhou. It is representative of the Six Harmony Branch of Kung Fu. Wan LaiSheng often practiced this with students and some of this is captured in this DVD. His important points include stable moves, body arts, mixing substantial and insubstantial. A very classical form with some solid moves and some more artificial actions. What makes this form so interesting it that each of Wan's partner sets here represents a differnent form of training. The 8 Step Hook is for strikes, the Chin Nah set is obvious and this, the rarest of the three, concentrates on Point Striking and directs its hits to specific points on the body.

Click Picture: About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles         

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#10829  Wan LaiSheng ZiRan Men San Shou

ZiRan Boxing emphasizes change. It reacts spontaneously mixing real and false motions. Some of its key points are: body like a bow hand goes like an arrow; eyes like meteors, legs like drills, hands hooks like knives, sticking motions adhere like glue, entering occurs like a sword whipping from a sheath, the opponent's hands have no where to go. TWO DVDs with many fighting techniques of Zi Ran's style. Strategy shown along with some good exercises. The teacher here knows what he is doing. Four VCDs.Applications.

Click Picture: Double DVD About 120 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles         

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#10832 Wan LaiSheng ZiRan Preservation Exercises

Lin Qing Song is a disciple of Wan LaiSheng an 6th generation follower and a chief Wushu coach in Tokyo, Japan. Retention of energy is one of the classic and most refined aspects of Chinese martial arts. Wan's disciple Lin has been practicing this for over 40 years. He is also a calligrapher. These practices can increase one's Kung Fu skills significantly. NOTE: These are rare "groin strengthening" exercises based on Chinese medicine. Though there is no nudity massage methods are pretty descriptive. Not advisable without some knowledge of principles. Almost the entire DVDS is devoted to the skill of testicular retraction. There is a short and interesting section at the end demonstrating the connection between Wushu and Chinese calligraphy. We defiitely recommend the DVD over the VCD in that case of non-Chinese speakers.

Click Picture: About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles         

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#10833  Wan LaiSheng Ziran Free Combat

Wan LaiSheng taught his ZiRan, an indeterminate method. In this DVD his student, Lin, passes on the step by step instruction of these fighting skills. Lin knows what he's doing and the skills are realistic and logical. This might be considered the forerunner of Jeet Kund Do because the movements highly emphasize the "natural" approach to combat. In this branch of Wan's teachings even the fighting techniques here are a little different from the Six Harmony moves. There are dozens of applications here sometimes taking the initiative and sometimes responding to the attack. A Double DVD.


Double DVD About 120 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles      

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