Sun Lu Tang was a very influential practitioner and writer. His three forms of expertise: Tai Chi; Xing Yi and BaGua were - in his writings - subsumed under the general heading of "Internal Styles" a designation still used today. Here are a number of DVDs showing various aspects of Sun's particular approach. .

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DVD#10025 Sun Tai Chi Sun Style Survey

SUN JIAN-YUN, the daughter of the very famous martial artist and writer, Sun Lu-Tang, leads this demonstration tape of the Sun Style. Though the cover lists Sun T'ai Chi there is more here than that. This is not an instructional DVD but starts with a performance of Sun T'ai Chi by Sun Jian-Yun, herself an "old Shihfu". Other students and family members help demonstrate T'ai Chi, Sun Style Ba GuaPartner Sword practice, Sun Style Hsing Yi Fist Set, and a rather nice Sun style Xing Yi sword. Little talking, but a lot about the Sun style for the interested student.

60+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles  


DVD#10027 Sun Tai Chi Sun Tai Chi Sword

SUN JIAN YUN. Sun Style sword demonstrated and taught by Sun Lu Tang's own daughter, Sun JianYun. She's now a very old lady, but what a historical document! Complete demonstration of the Sun Style straight sword where not only T'ai Chi but the flavor of Sun other major styles—BaGua and Xing Yi—are retained. Further demonstrated and broken down by another member of the Sun family style. This set is divided into two parts, moves 1-38 then 39 to the end. According to the box the "two swords can be divided for single exercise or divided for attack and defense exercises."

60+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles 


DVD#10030 Sun Tai Chi Long Set
Double DVD About 2 Hours

This is a double DVD with over two hours of performance. Here Sun Lu Tang's own daughter demonstrates the elements and specifics of Sun Style T'ai Chi. She exhaustively goes over each move and, with the help of a student, shows proper form and execution. Though bent with the years - her life in China has been a hard one; she shows the resilience and true spirit of her family art. For those interested in one of the acknowledged "Five Family Styles" of T'ai Chi, here's the source.

Double DVD Mandarin/ English Subtitles       


DVD#24292 through 24295 A FOUR Volume (5 disk) set: Sun style Tai Chi Chuan
Presented by Tim Cartmell
 $159.80 PLUM price $144.00 (10% discount), each individual DVD $39.95

Here is an extensive explanation and exploration of the Tai Chi of Sun Lu Tang. Tim Cartmell is an internationally recognized expert on Chinese martial arts, a jujitsu tournament champion and a well-known translator of Chinese martial texts. He is also a particularly precise and well-spoken instructor who, like any good teacher, takes nothing for granted while showing you his Sun Tai Chi and yet keeps a lively and informed flow of instruction while never overstating.

This series actually has FIVE DVDs but the first two are priced the same as one, so you get a bonus on the postures, warm ups and general principles of the art, a very good presentation in its own right.Next Mr. Cartmell explains the entire Sun set. He does this with extremely clear and precise instruction; he has a good mind for the details covering what you should and should not do without swamping you. He also shows the postures "loaded" where he uses pressure and pushing to show the correct skeletal alignment for proper Tai Chi. He also shows applications and his own throwing techniques demonstrating every posture and its application.

Pretty much following all of his previous work, Tim Cartmell has given us a thorough and exceptional presentation. There will be those who think his posture too arched or high, but according to his very detailed instructions these are chracteristics of the Sun. A particularly good demonstration for people with "martial minds" who can translate angular, quantitative and coordinated instructions into movement. If you can't raise your left hand without slapping yourself in the face, this series is not for you.

DVD volume #1 (24292)  $39.95
DVD volume #2 (24293)  $39.95
DVD volume #3 (24294)  $39.95
DVD volume #4 (24295)  $39.95
Entire Set (5 disks)  $159.80 PLUM price $144.00 (10% discount)

DVD#18041 Sun Open & Close Taiji
Double DVD
$27.95 Double DVD

Sun Lu Tang created his Open/Close form of Taiji in 1918. He incorporated his philosophy and the arts of Xing Yi and Bagua. Sun had started his training with Li Gui Yun at the age of 12. Next he studied with "Devil Hand" Guo Yun Shen. Next he learned Bagua from Cheng YanHua. Hao Wei Zhen taught him Hao Taiji. From all this Sun decided that Xing Yi was characterized by its character, Bagua by its unification and Taiji by its softness.This Double DVD shows the entire Sun Taiji form along with standing practice and applications. The main recommendation is that Deng is attempting to give you a specific understanding of what is contained in the Sun form. He draws many parallels to other Taiji practices and offers some perspective for Sun's contribution.

104+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles 


DVD#18044 Sun Taiji Sword

The Sun sword is said to have special characteristics. First, it is considerably longer than that which is normally used. The set itself is conservative with nothing but useable movements and very little flash indeed (we note with pleasure that the entire Sun style emphasizes this focus on essential movements and not extraneous actions). What is also important, and people should look for this, is that the actions are demonstrated as individual elements before combination. This, and his movements, shows us that Deng is actually familiar with sword usage, a vanishing skill.

50+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles  


DVD#18045 Sun Taiji Push Hands

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With Li Yi Hua, Deng demonstrates the peculiarities of Sun style Push hands. We once practiced a Push Hands derived from Chen Pan Lin with much the same directness and compactness. The hand pattern is simple and much more practical than many. From here he shows many patterns, free steps, Da Lu and applications along with a final Free Practice. Well examined and demonstrated and superior as far as structure to many other approaches which, while seemingly more fluid, have less content.

51+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles   


DVD#12005 A Double DVD set on the art of Bagua  

This is a twin DVD set of instruction on the art of Baguazhang by teacher Joanna Zorya.It is composed of two DVDs which were formerly separate. These include...
A Martial Foundation for Baguazhang :
"A Martial Foundation for Baguazhang" shows circle walking, postures and stepping methods as well as palm striking and kicking techniques. It should give you a reasonable grasp of how and why the system works and enable you to "make your training your own." I've always felt that if you want to get good at something you need to know why you're doing it."
Sun style Bagua Zhang and forms :
"Sun style Baguazhang" shows the 10 Sun Style Palm Changes as described in Sun Lutang's book, plus plenty of combat applications."This set of TWO DVDs is now only

with about fifty minutes per disk

PLUM SPECIAL: Buy two or more volumes of any J. Zorya DVDs (includingTaiji and XingYi) and receive a 10% discount!
Here are Ms. Zorya's notes from her slipcase...

DVD#10675 Sun Tai Chi Long Competition Form

With Li Cheng Xiang. who is also a fifth generation inheritor of Shaolin Tai Tzu. This is a gracefuland soft rendition of the Sun Tai Chi suitable and constructed for competition. It contains 73 postures and retains all the essentials of the form. Li Shihfu has obviously been practicing for a while. Sun Tai Chi is lively with a little mixing in of Xing Yi and Ba Gua and is therefore often known popularly as "Open Close Tai Chi" or "Livley Stepping Tai Chi."

60+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles