SHAOLIN style Weapons

There are many weapons in the Shaolin arsenal. People practice and compete with these, especially gravitating toward the flashy and crowd pleasing. But we often forget that these weapons have actually be tried and found useful. In this series of VCDs, Shaolin expert and monk, Shi De Biao, shows what he has learned and explored with a more traditional and serious approach to what, for many, has become a form of juggling. With his classical instruction De Biao, 31st generation inheritor from the Temple, student of Su Si, has developed some of the following information himself.

Update: Shifu Jou is an excellent martial instructor from Taiwan. His Praying Mantis is of superior quality and definitely beyond the performance of many teachers. Expect range of motion and interpretations that will add to your knowledge of this style. (His DVDs are very thorough, often running more than a few hours; hence the higher price.) If you want to know more about this teacher...

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Chen Taijiquan with Ma Hong

DVD#24955  The Art of Weaponry: Kung Fu Weapons
2 hours 49 minutes, One DVD, English subtitles

This one went fast! More coming soon...

Many weapons are surveyed in this presentation/lecture on the Chinese Kung Fu arsenal. Shifu Jou discusses the reasons, the techniques and the specific characteristics of such weapons as the Kung Fu spear, sword, saber, and many more. His goal is to introduce the listener to the very essence of each weapon and show how its training can enhance your understanding of the spirit of Kung Fu. He also shows a thorough knowledge of the Iron Rulers (Sai), Rope Dart, Crutch (tonfa), Tiger Hooks and more. There is a long section on the straight sword followed by an instructional piece on tips for taking care of weapons including rope dart construction. Finally, a few pointers concerning the best way to study weapons.



DVD #11146 Shaolin Hidden Weapons

A historical re-enactment of a dying skills. "Hidden weapons" is an authentic and well documented aspect of Kung Fu training. Here Shi De Biao throws everything but the kitchen sink at the targets: darts, needles, nails, scissors, pipes, kitchen choppers, axes, ring daggers, rocks, steel balls, chopsticks, the meteor, needles, throwing knives, kitchen cleavers and just about every weapon you've heard of in regard to Kung Fu training. Some interesting footage of his younger days shows some skills in Chinese courtyards and some wilder stunts like jumping off building while performing aerial cartwheels. The skills are real though the highest level is probably lost right now. But everything here is real and, frankly, dangerous and fun - or is that saying the same thing? By the end you figure anything that can be thrown is a potential weapon, which is, in the hands of an expert, true.

Double DVD

Quantity   $27.95     English subtitles


DVD #11147 Shaolin 9 Section Whip

The 9 Section Whip is a soft weapon that has metal segments. This is not about a whip form but how to use a whip. All the major rolls and breakdowns are given which, truth to tell, is all there is to the steel whip form. There's even a little use of the weapon striking objects at the end. De Biao's skill, in terms of Kung Fu usage, may not be at the highest level but it is still stories above those prancing around with 2 ounce whips. You can tell by the sound there's intent and meaning to this weapon which is, frankly, often so much baton twirling.

Quantity   $15.95   English subtitles


DVD #11148 Shaolin Rope Dart

While it may have been at one time, De Biao's skills with the Rope Dart are not equal, in our opinion, to his ability with the sectional whip. However everything here is realistic and well shown. Yes, the meteor head touches the ground occasionally but his casual approach is actually far more interesting and informative than the "canned" stuff generally seen. There's something to be said, when speaking of dangerous "soft" weapons and don't fool yourself that they aren't - to showing just how slowly and with how much control one can practice.

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DVD 11149 Shaolin Single Nunchaku

Single Nunchuck, that is to say the single two section small staff. A fierce and short weapon of, we believe De Biao's own devising, is included. Very practical. On the other hand, since he loves weapons and is quite skilled he shows everything with the single two-sectional including the eminently functional and the strictly fanciful. A good demonstration of the Kung Fu way of handling this weapon.

Quantity   $15.95   English subtitles

DVD #11150 Shaolin Double Nunchaku

Double Nunchuck or Two sectional staff. A compendium of the moves with this double trouble weapon. Also a fairly substantial form with many rolls. The double two section offers many possibilities for rolls and strikes indeed.


Quantity   $15.95   English subtitles

DVD #11151 Shaolin Small Frame Fist

Lots of applications all with Shaolin flavor and a final presentation of the fighting form Shaolin Small Frame Fist. Note pretty stuff just kicking, punching and throwing. An interesting, straightforward presentation where everything in the form is pretty much the same as its applied version.



Quantity   $15.95   English subtitles