SAN FENG WUDANG with DuanHuang Zhang Style T'AI CHI

Master Liu is quite old and so handicapped he can barely walk. But in these DVDs he shows an amazing number of techniques using Fa Jin, that is to say issuing energy. Sometimes it looks a little drmatic with his student jumping around and falling. But the commentary alone is worth the entire price of the DVds. He is an educated intelligent practitioner who is unabashedly a promoter of Chinese Martial Arts and, as many advanced practitioners, cannot understand why so much representation of these arts is so bad and completely non-Kung Fu.This brings us to a rare comparison: This series is an IMPORTANT TREASURE HOUSE of knowledge. We know some will disagree. Some may think there's too much empahsis on Fa Chin as a mystical technqiue. If you have prejudices then put them aside and listen to his words. If you know what you are looking for, this at least will give you an idea of the potential in CMA. A lot of people throw their students around. We have experience with this and know the difference.

Demonstrator/Teacher: Liu HuangJun 24th geneeration grandmaster of the style

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San Feng WuDang Kung Fu

DVD #11205 Practical Fighting Arts #1
Double DVD, Chinese/English subtitles

During the instruction of these disks Liu makes the point that Ba Gua, Tai Chi or Xing Yi, the energies involved have to be mastered in a similar way. Starting with Push Hands as a base Master Liu shows many, many hands on applications with a distinct emphasis on Fa Jing so there is much jumping around and being thrown back into a pink sofa they have set up on the lawn. Liu's hands are knowledgable and his presentation is good and experienced. This is strictly a Jing based use of power and his running commentary shows the casualness with which he takes his skills. Xing yi sets shown at the end as appendix.

Double - (English Subtitles)

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San Feng WuDang Kung Fu DVD #11206 Practical Fighting Arts #2

In this disk Master Liu shows a step by step breakdown of the San Feng Tai Chi which is, of course, quite different from what most people have seen as Tai Chi. The goal of the Wu Dang school is to find the truth through relaxation and "Fu" or return to naturalness. The legendary founder of Tai Chi was Chang San Feng. Is this Tai Chi, based on DuangHuang Zhang style, the movements are slow and soft, and there are not only a lot of applications given with Power Issuing but health and structural points as well. Applications are given based almost entirely on skill, angle and knowledge. Very interesting and Liu is a passionate and thoughtful commentator.

Single - (English Subtitles)

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San Feng WuDang Kung Fu San Feng WuDang Kung Fu