Jin Gang Strength Technique
(Buddha Disciple Strengthening Kung Fu)

Instructor Yu appears to run a young person's school for traditional skills. Each of these disks emphasizes one aspect of the training but each shows young people performing "hard " Chi Kung (Qi Gong) skills like breaking breaks with their heads, bending metal and so on. Be this as it may you probably have never seen such young practitioners demonstrating these skills. But pay particular attention to the Tui Nah (massage) section below. Jin Gang is supposed to originate in the Song Dynasty over 1100 years ago.
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9 Palms Chi KungDVD#24336 Nine Palm Techniques

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Here are Chi Kung exercises in the martial tradition, not the watered down generalized moves associated with what for instance some are now calling "medical" Chi Kung. The elder teacher instructs his young students. The exercises are not difficult to learn but they have levels of difficulty in performance. These exercises are to induce the Chi to enter the entire body and therefore to encourage longevity and rejuvenation. Double DVD.

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9 Palms Chi KungDVD#24337 72 Health Massage Methods

For a long time we have been viewing selected series on the art of Massage, known as Tui Nah or An Mo. To those uninitiated in this, there is a good deal of massage involved in martial arts for everything from maintaining good limb flexibility to dealing with injuries. In this pari of disks teacher Yu sits there are monitors his students as they literally give massage treatments to clients. The organization of the massage technique and the straight forward methodology will be a good introduction to those in the martial field who wish to pursue this traditional aspect of the work. Some knowledge of the meridians would be helpful. Over seventy massage methods are shown. Double DVD.

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9 Palms Chi KungOrder DVD#24335 72 Self Defense Moves

Here are many defenses shown by Shihfu Yu's young students. Many of these are based on Chin Nah and utilized strikes and throws. Most of these are appropriate to a class situation and are not what might be called "severe" though there are a number that show more intensity. Double DVD.

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