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There are some real questions about Drunken style. Does it really exist as a separate style? Is it for real? What exactly is the purpose? Of course movies like Jackie Chan's Drunken Master make it look so wonderful that we want there to be a drunken style regardless. Also confusing things was that, during the repressive times of the Cultural Revolution newer and more fantastic versions of Drunken Boxing were encouraged: so many that eventually the demonstration of them was discouraged. The basic idea is that Drunken Boxing is a training method applied to a style. You will note that the teahers here who are deepest into Drunken Boxing also know other forms of Chinese Martial Arts. This is common. In calligraphy when the student is so good that he can no longer produce an inferior character he is encouraged to do calligraphy in the "running grass" style almost splashing it onto the page with abandon. Drunken style, in its openess, is somewhat like this advanced hand in calligraphy.

DVD21057   Drunken Boxing Exercise Form Level Three

This third DVD shows a complex Drunken form. The movements are not contemporary Wushu but based on traditional Kung Fu postures flavored with Drunken emphasis. The form doesn’t take up a lot of space but it does go through a lot of postures such as the wine drinking, the whirling arms overhead, ground rolling and staggering to strike with the shoulders. Rondie Chen shows the form breakdowns and then applications hidden in the form making some moves which give authority to Drunken usage and a few moves that might not look as functional but do represent the open-ended nature of Drunken boxing.
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NOTE: JO-SI RONDIE CHEN began his study under Grandmaster Chen Sha Hai at the age of five in Beijing, China. He also claims to have come from generations of Northern Snake Fist teachers. Besides learning Snake Fist, Jo-Si Chen learned Drunkard's Boxing and Wu Shu. Chen is also an honorary member of the Bejing Wu Shu team.

DVD21056   Intermediate Snake Fist Style Level Two

JO-Here's an intermediate form in the Snake style with complimentary techniques shown.
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DVD#21055 Training and Beginner Form Level One

Sifu Rondie Chen shows the basics of the Northern Snake fist style. Most of the instruction is centered around a few of Chen’s students so there is an emphasis on strength and stretching particularly appropriate to younger martial students. First he shows Dragon Fist Palm and then a very long kicking and stepping set. Toward the end of the DVD he shows the basics stretching and basic actions of Drunken Boxing. Some fast hand exercises and applications are shown.
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A little bit about ESPY-TV DVD series

Eric Yao's Weapons DVDs
Most of these forms are wll-practiced Contemporary Wushu versions for these weapons. What we like about these presentations is that most movements for this level of weapons work is firmly based in principles of physics and therefore there is a great consistency between traditional and contemporary arts. In our opinion such usage corresponds about 80% of the time to traditonal techniques. The only differences lie in the contemporary focus on performance and the lighter weight of the weapon which does indeed allow some movements that might otherwise be difficult. With weapons like these the most important thing is clarity of instruction. These presentations are well photographed and follow of kind of self-regulating instruction where the section is shown over and over with some commentary on the sound track. You should be reasonably advanced to try these movements.

Note: We had a little trouble playing these on our Mac, didn't recognize the DVD. On the other hand we had not trouble with VTR's and Eric assures us he has tried them everywhere without problems. Just a note to those who might be concerned.

Rope Dart Kung Fu weaponDVD #18052 Drunken Sword
Eric Shou Li Yao
$29.95 No time listed on case

This is a Contemporary Wushu performance and the DVD has not only instructional material but also real competition performances filmed in Hungary and Brazil. Eric Yao has a good sense of martial movement and this adds an intensity to the Drunken Sword performance. There is also an interesting section at the end showing Yao practicing and overdubbed with comments and advice on the practice of the sword. A nice presentation and, as we have been seeing lately, a performance that spans traditional and contemporary values more elegantly.




Contents DVD#12054 2004 Taiwan Masters Survey

Taiwan Martial Culture Ancient Chinese Martial Texts Exhibit
Ancient Weapons Show
World Teachers presentation.

From the Ah Yi Village Diligent Study Hall Ke family Yue Style Boxing with Fists,
Big Knife,
Iron Hook and Double Rods
Double Length Stick
Tiger Boxing Four Gates Lotus Sitting Boxing
Yoke Pole Set
Monkey Boxing
Eyebrow Stick
Tiger Forks
Stream Hua Feng Hall Crane Boxing
Four Gate Ambush
White Crane Battle Array Three Step Pointed Mallet

Shan Dong Guo Shu BaJI Quan
ZhaoBao Tai Chi Chuan
Chen Tai Chi Chuan Lao Jia,
Bian Hua Jia,
Xin Jia,
Pao Chui and more
Kai Yuan First Heaven Exercise
Luo Han boxing
Cha Chuan #4
#6 Cha Chuan
single and double Sun Bin style Small Frame Six Harmony Saber Seven Star Saber
Shaolin Spear
Spring Autumn Big Knife
Dragon Shape Double Swords
Big Knife against Spear
Coiling Dragon Stick against Spear
Li Cun Yi Xing Yi Szi Ba Linked Fist
Li Cun Yi Xing Yi Sword
Cheng Style Gao Branch Pre Heaven Ba Gua Palms
Post Heaven Palms Elk Horn Knives
BaGua Moist Body Spear
Sports Wushu Demo
Southern Fist Demo
Tai Chi Group Boxing and Sword Demo