ZhaoBao holds an interesting place in the Tai Chi world. Until recently rather rare, there are those who claim it to be an alternative origin place for Tai Chi. Zhao Bao stylists claim Jiang Fa as their originator. They say Chen Qing Ping moved to ZhaoBao village and either learned or improved his Tai Chi there. Other people even claim a connection between ZhaoBao and another "rising star" HuLei Jia or Thunder Style Tai Chi. ZhaoBao is performed a bit faster than, say Yang, style. It attempts to be completely round in all actions. In many ways it resembles the movements of Chen style as far as body motion with the largeness of the Yang style.

Demonstrator/Teacher second group of DVDs: Wan Hai Zhou.

Demonstrator/Teacher first group of DVDs: Wang ChangAn, direct disciple of Guo Shi Kui and winner of ZhaoBao Taijiquan golden award. And others such as Scott Jensen, Wang Wei ...

We also have some ZhaoBao in less expensive VCD editions.

Ba Duan Jin Qigong#18142 Internal Practice: A Selection of Nei Gong
by Wang Wei

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We often see performances of Qigong where the practitioner seems weak and ungrounded. Wang Wei’s demonstration has a subtle and definite martial strength to it. This makes sense because his expertise is in Zhaobao style Tai Chi in which he is a repeat gold medalist. In fact, in this generous DVD, he starts by demonstrating his ZhaoBao expertise by performiing his set.
Then he shows Dragon Shape Tai Chi which is mostly performed as though holding a large ball. Very fluid movements indeed and some of the best “ball work” we’ve seen.
Next is Turning Body practice where he softly moves through a Dragon style set based on linked hand actions.
He follows again with the Dragon Shaped TaiJi Ball forms, again empty handed.
Next he shows an Internal Breathing and massage method which is based on some self striking and issuing energy (Fa Jin). Not for the beginner.
He goes on to demonstrate a “secret” vocalization method of Qigong. These sounds are far from quiet vocalizations, almost Hung Gar like in their firmness.
Finally he wraps it up in a nice brocade with his rendition of Ba Duan Jin, the 8 Pieces of Silk.
There are no explanations, just footage of Wang moving through the exercises. If you have enough training to capture the principles the actions will come by themselves. If your training is matured to this degree, this DVD could even be inspirational. It is an amazing package for the money.

Some Mandarin subtitles, but very little narration or subtitles in any language. Mostly an expert demonstration.


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#24363 ZhaoBao Tai-Chi Hand-Pushing Technique
We first sold ZhaoBao style material over ten years ago on this site. Now here is a DVD from the same teacher with years more experience. This DVD doesn't just show some of ZhaoBao’s approach to Push Hands. It is also a repository of this teacher’s opinion and experiences in the Chinese martial world. Wang ChangAn is he twelfth generation of this Tai Chi styles with an admittedly "mysterious" lineage. Wang goes into the lineage, and even the side branches before showing the basic eight energies, all demonstrated with takedowns to the mat.

Single DVD 56 minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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#18031 Traditional ZHAOBAO Tai Chi

This routine has a strong sense of ancient and original Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan). It was a special set of Teacher Guo Shi Kui. The movements here are totally round with opening and closing very evident. Wang himself is a big, powerful figure who performs with a strict adherence to the circularity of his core system. In many ways the motions coil as much as Chen style but also open and close as much as Yang. a major branch of Tai Chi which was only rarely seen for a long time. This Double DVD goes through all parts of the form.

Double DVD 120+ minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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#18032 Traditional ZHAOBAO "OVERTURE"

This "overture" form contains the essence of the 72 Routine. Never shown to the public it is a fundamental form. It contains a technique similar to Shaolin called "make nine sounds before touching the ground" in which many kicks are performed in aerial transition. Unlike most "shortened" forms this one is not for the faint hearted. It contains multiple kicking leg actions including a drop to the "half splits" and raising from there without the aid of the arms. It can be elegant and neat but this is a difficult form and not for the aged.

60+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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#18033 Traditional ZHAOBAO Push Hands for Practical Combat

According to Teacher Wang Push Hands is not something ancillary to Tai Chi practice: it is at the core of the art. It is a way to check one's progress, truthfulness of execution, and structural stability. Zhaobao's attributes in Push Hands are as follows: light and agile footwork, flexible hips, quick hands. The strength reaches far but the steps can close tightly. It possesses a "18 body-stroke attack" using such techniques as lateral entering and window-body strokes. The skills are simple, powerful and practical. Most importantly Wang teaches as though he wants you to understand what he is demonstrating.

60+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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(Corresponds to VCDs #19 & 347)

A wonderful and simple set for the T'ai Chi player utilizing a staff. Also slight demonstrations of other T'ai Chi weapons. This demonstrated out in a field by a long time practitioner. Short stick with numerous angle changes, rolls and strikes. All performed in the relaxed manner of T'ai Chi. A nicely done set.

Zhaobao Tai Chi: a step-by-step explanation demonstration of each movement of the Long Form applied to a self defense situation. Much grappling and counter-motions to hold as well as strikes. Very clear "first level" explanations. (corresponds to VCD #19 and #347 )

60+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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#10253 ZhaoBao SABER and SWORD
(Corresponds to VCDs #253 & 360)

The Zhaobao Tai Chi single broadsword is a relatively short set with only 20 movements. It continues with ZhaoBao's distinct and unique flavor. The movements are vigorous and fast with traditional "saber wrapping". Interesting left hand - the important one - work and saber turning. A strong, tiger-like set.

The Zhaobao Tai Chi single straight sword is composed of 57 movements. It continues with ZhaoBao's distinct and unique flavor namely: good use of "opening and closing" especially in the Kua (hips) area; notable changes in height; issuance of energy but softly and fluidly and definitive martial movements.

60+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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This is the Zhaobao Tai Chi Solo Set. It shows the distinct aspects of ZhaoBao with very fluid and open movements obviously similar to the Lao Jia set generally associated with Chen style. At the same time ZhaoBao shares the smooth motions with Yang style yet distinctly issues energy. Many of the movements are recognizable such as Cloud Hands and some are unique to this fist. The practitioner is an expert with fluid actions, strong legs and - most importantly - a clear intent to his actions.

Double DVD Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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