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One of the oldest continuous styles of Kung Fu in the world. Famous the world over. Associated with the birthplace of Chan (Zen) meditation. Many of these forms are, in our opinion, purposely meant to "look ancient." Shaolin has been categorized as "hammering" going from "hard to soft" and other stylistic restraints. Old texts are imitated to give the appearance of a certain, specific means of movement. This is not the first time in history Shaolin has fought this: see our historical book, the Spring and Autumn of Chinese martial arts. The movements, to the best of our research are authentic, but one should take with a grain of salt the implication that Shaolin is an unevolved form still practiced as though there had been no historical development in the last 1000 years.
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Demonstrator: Shi De Yang, 31st generation inheritor. Note: Click on pictures for enlargement or correlation.

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DVD# 19003 the Shaolin Cane
Weapon of Self Defense
by Ted Mancuso
About an hour, complete with form and applications


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Over the years students have come to me and say, - I'd like to learn the cane from you. When I ask why they always say something like, - For my father. He's getting old.At that point I have to explain to them that this is one of the most dynamic weapons sets in the entire Shaolin arsenal. After all, if you think about it handing a simple stick to a Kung Fu artists who can do sword, spear, whip and dagger is just like saying "anything goes." This is definitely not your grandfather's cane form."

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#10582  Elementary Chang Quan
About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles, Click Picture.

Literally what it claims. Not only the basic stances with fundamental forms for kicking and punching but also some of the niceties of the Shaolin branch such as the correct positioning of the Buddha palm salute. "Shaolin Elementary Long Fist is one of the first boxing series in Shaolin Kung Fu. Its movements are well arranged and regarded as the standard with the degree of difficulty. In whole routine consists of the different basic methods of hand, leg and jumping movements. You can practice it often to constantly improve the strength, speed, endurance and other physical qualities and the interest for WuShu."

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#10583 Shaolin Yin Hand Cudgel
About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles, Click Picture.

A strong, relatively simple but interesting staff set. "Yin Hand" generally refers to a preference for both palms holding the staff to be facing in the same direction, down. It also refers to "yin" thinking meaning that the staff is played with reversed or unusual logic and often hard to interpret. Some nice single and double hand rolls. Demonstrated by Shi De Yang. Click Picture: About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles
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#10584 Shaolin Small Through-the-Back Form #1.
About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles, Click Picture.

This is a good example that Shaolin is actually a Middle Fist and not a Long Fist though it has some characteristics of the latter. The form combines Xiao and Da Hong styles and some Monkey Fist. Mostly the concentration is on finger strikes and elbow drops with some Monkey Paw movements employed. Nice moves with an archaic looking use of stances. The set stops as though part way through meaning it can be practiced separately or as a "road" of a larger whole. See later for Tong Bei #2. "Edited" by SuXi and demonstrated by Shi DeYang.

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#10586 I Jin Jing (The Sinew Changing Classic)
About 100 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles, Click Picture.

Is this really the famous Muscle Chang Classic said to be the basis of Shaolin? We have wood block pictures of the salient postures and they match. This is the official exercise taught from the Shaolin Temple. And we personally attended a seminar by the teacher from the temple Da Chen to learn this form in '92. Also there is a definite Yogic feel to the form similar to Salutation to the Sun. This version is a little fancier and a little more difficult than the beginning version. But all the features are the same.
"Bodhidharma Channel-Changing Scripture is one of the earliest exercise methods that was practiced by Shaolin Buddhist monks. According to experiences through thousands of years, it does have the benefit of keeping health. This method could combine spirit, body and Qi together closely. And it could also regulate vital organs, 12 meridians, and the whole body overall. It helps balance Yin and Yang, unblock meridians and muscles, then strength physiological functions of the body to keep health, avoid illness and prolong life span."

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#10587  Shaolin Pu Dao
About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles, Click Picture.

A good, fast and versatile version of this weapon. The Pu Dao has some of the saber's speed and some of the kuan dao's power. A solid, traditional set with this weapon.
"The Pu Broadsword is also called "Double Hands Broadsword." It is one kind of long weapon in Shaolin Kung Fu. It had not only the broadsword skills, but also the techniques of staff and spear. It gets the strong points of many kind of weapons, and it is easy to carry. It has been well received by Kung Fu players.

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#10591 Shaolin Flying Meteor
About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles, Click Picture.

One of the more advanced soft weapons. We feel this is one of the better meteor sets we've seen. The command of the weapon is good. There are some unusual and tricky ties and throws. The set is broken down by basic skills which, in the case of the meteor, are far more important than the choreography of a certain form. Not easily mastered. Demonstrated by Shi DeYang.

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#10593 Plum Blossom Crutch
About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles, Click Picture.

This short wooden weapon could be considered a cane or a mallet. The head is flat on one side and pick sharp on the other with an approximately leg length haft. This set has a number of difficult sections. Besides Tornado kick and jump spins there is a ground roll and some other fast changes. But eliminating the more expressive stuff it is suitable for older practitioners. Nice actions overall. Other crutches of the style related to this would be the Ox-Horn Crutch and the Bamboo Joint Crutch. Demonstrated by Shi DeYang.

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#10594  Shaolin Tai Tzu Long Boxing
About 60 Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles

The boxing of the Great Founder of the Sung dynasty is well known in the Kung Fu world. Many styles claim to teach Tai Zu Chang Chuan. Shaolin has a special claim because it was represenative of the Tai Zu style very early in the game. As legend goes Zhao KuangYin studied at Shaolin originally. Years later, after having attained his own form (Tai Tzu) he returned to Shaolin with other masters to impart his method.This version has jumps and spins and is at least intermediate. The movements here are distinctly short fighting range. Demonstrated by Shi DeYang.

Quantity   $15.95
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Hi Debbie,

I've just received and viewed the cane form video. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! This is a great form and an equally good production. The description and focus on grips and techniques is superb. I'm looking forward to beginning practice.
Thanks as Always,


...have just received your latest work on the Shaolin Cane set from Kwong Wing Lam (incidentally Wing Lam is my SiGung). Anyway it is an excellent video and it is a set that I wanted to learn for a long time, even though I now dedicate most of my time to the 'taoist' arts (Bagua & Taiji in particular). What a practical weapon to use in today's society, just like the Savate practitioners in France who use the cane in place of the sword. I don't think the local constable would appreciate us carrying swords! I would like to see Sun Lu Tang's Bagua Sword form performed with a cane...that would be nice. Again, good work!
Regards, KH