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Here is our own page of DVDs. We are proud of them. They represent blood, sweat, tears, arguments, heartbreaks, failed equipment, new equipment, less-than-perfect conditions, and much improvisation. They also represent years of careful thought, decades of refined teaching, details of movement aligned with traditional principles, theory rarely discussed elsewhere, 'flavor', and clear instruction. You even get some glimpses of the beauty of Santa Cruz, California (and a guest appearance by our cat). We tend to shy away from self-promotion, but each DVD below comes with our confidence that it is a product we can stand by.

Ted Mancuso is a veteran teacher with over 40 years experience. He has taught thousands of students and written for just about every major martial journal in the English language, along with translations into Chinese and Spanish. The Director of the Academy of Martial Arts, Santa Cruz, California, he has dedicated much time and effort to the spread of authentic Kung Fu philosophy and practice.

KK014 Kung Fu Saber: The Tiger Leaps
Book and DVD
Ted Mancuso
206 pages, softbound, photographs and illustrations,
DVD ~ 1.33 hours.
regular Plum price: $39.95 Sale price (PLUM) : $34.95

(This book was written by Ted Mancuso, director of Plum Publications.)

The Four Grandparent Weapons

This is the third of Plum’s series on the “four grandparent” weapons of Kung Fu. Since this is a story about a family of weapons, you might want to read the introduction to the spear book below. This will acquaint you with the idea behind the series. The same goals apply: as weapons skills increase so do all other skills, such as empty hands.

Each weapon of the quartet supports a corner of the Kung Fu temple while empty hands sit in the middle. I have tried to produce each book as though connected to the other pillars.

Weapons reveal their essence faster than hands. Every movement can have a terrible meaning. But without adhering to the special characteristics of each weapon there is only movement without meaning. Of all the grandparents, Saber is the most insistent. It demands that you do the movements with spirit as well as body. To boil it all down, I emphasized the two master-actions, Inward and Outward wrapping, using these to get at the saber’s character.

When writing the text I tried to be most efficient choosing absolutely essential considerations of basics, forms and technique. We paid attention to what people most request: applications. In fact, right in the belly of the book there is an essay considering what the terms “applications” and “usage” really mean. I follow this up with two sections instead of one: applications and then usage. I hope you will be able see the difference.

The form is a real, traditional saber form, not—as you see nowadays—some other weapon form converted to a saber. It’s a good, well-constructed routine combining core actions with some higher challenges.

The final section has a few notes on the saber’s background and some things to consider overall.

Here I concentrated on three topics: the wrap, the form and real time applications. I refer to the wrap again and again because so much of the saber resides here, waiting for you to create the “silver bell” of protection. The form instruction is pretty much as I would teach you in one of my classes with the typical side-notes, principles and anecdotes. In the DVD we concentrate all basic training on the wraps and point out technicalities and insights into the Shaolin Pigua Saber.

As I write in the Introduction, “From the basics to the form to the applications and finally to free form training, you will find that the movements of the saber become extremely fluid and yet powerful in regard to turning, spinning and redirecting the path of the weapon…”

I hope you enjoy the effort and can benefit from the practice while having a good time.

Partial Contents:
Basic Strikes
Inward and Outward Wraps
Some information about history and design
Stances from a weapons’ standpoint
Left Hand positioning and control
Angles and Directions
Right Hand placement
The Shaolin Pigua Saber Form
History, stories and comments


KK010 Kung Fu Spear
King of Weapons:
Book & DVD

Ted Mancuso

227 pages, softbound, photographs and illustrations,
DVD ~ nearly 1 3/4 hours.
regular Plum price: $39.95 Sale price (PLUM) : $34.95

(This book was written by Ted Mancuso, director of Plum Publications.)

"Everyone in Kung Fu knows the four grandparent weapons (staff, saber, sword and spear.) They are so-called because they will look after you like a full set of grandpas and grandmas and protect you from harm. And the best of this venerable group is the spear. This might strike you as a little odd—but actually it is the prize weapon of all Kung Fu. Right now, the entertainment world regards the straight sword as the quintessential Kung Fu weapon. The way I look at it, the straight sword portrays the vision of what a Kung Fu practitioner wants to be: deadly but graceful, practical but with a tint of mystical and a pint of dramatic. This is the nature of the sword, but not even the slashing sword teaches the real Kung Fu student more lessons than the spear. 

Nowadays everyone wants to learn about usage. Well here’s usage that would work even today.  And these actions coupled with proper training reflect back into the human body, making thespear a sort of tireless teacher in all aspects of Kung Fu: yes, all.

So when I was punching the keys, looking for text on the subject, I finally realized that I saw no major pieces on the spear. This affected me so much that I halted work on another book and set out to present some of  this crucial information.

Why crucial? Because there is almost no movement of the spear that does not improve the Kung Fu player’s empty-hand work.

I repeat this point in my book, that everything learned there can be transferred to the unarmed human body. All the basics are here and variations of strikes that are somewhat more than basic, that demand refined movement. The essence of each move is expressed. I also included a form (the Zha spear) because I know people like to practice this way. I attached a whole selection of spear Key Points to make the form come alive. Then I added two entire groups of applications, demonstrated against advanced teachers wielding spear and saber. More than just poking around, this usage embodies many of the spear’s core principles in these hand-picked applications.

There are some good books on other martial subjects out there, but in this case I wanted to capture something specific; not an appreciation of the spear, or a simple workbook. Those would be fine, but I wanted to create a book that lets you experience the essence of what spear-energy has meant through a thousand of years practice and refinement; when the lives of nations and the fate of history hovered between two very long rows of spearmen facing one another, poised before conflict.

Don’t just shake the spear. Shake up what you think it can do, compared to teachings that flower directly from weapon to you. "

Basics and strikes
Form and commentary
Fighting spear and saber
Understanding the basic strategy
Three sizes of practice
Stances and how spear modifies them


Tian Shan Pai Tai Chi SaberKS052 Staff: The Kung Fu Weapon of Skill
Book & DVD
Ted Mancuso

201 pages, softbound, photographs and illustrations,
DVD ~ nearly 2 hours.
regular Plum price: $39.95 Sale price (plum) until November 5: $34.95

This book shows, from its first pages, essentials of the Kung Fu staff rarely published in English. This material can deepen the practice of any staff player. Many martial artists learn this or that staff form, but either never explore the real usage of the weapon or think of its as a springboard to learning fancier, more "exciting" weapons. Long-time instructor, Ted Mancuso, makes the case for the staff as a crucial instrument for any martial artist.

"Anyone can play with staff. It has the advantage of not being made of metal, making it relatively safe and difficult to cut yourself. A beginnner's staff has no sharp wooden edges along its length so the degree of precision needed is negligible, compared to other weapons. Do not let this fool you, though. The staff may be the arithmetic of weapons, but it can also be used for higher math purposes. In fact, one of the most potent characteristics of staff is that this weapon, which introduces basic movements, can also reach a high level of sophistication. Explaining just how such a thing is possible is one of the reasons I am writing this book."

Tian Shan Pai Tai Chi Saber

  • Flavor, basics and fundamentals of staff work
  • Hundreds of photos
  • Two part system: DVD shows the moves; book explains details and fine points
  • Narrative Instruction
  • Orbits practice
  • Partner routines
  • Good for beginning to intermediate student
  • History and representation in fact, legends and fiction
  • Staff names in Chinese
  • Clarified training methods (ring the bell, etc) & important techniques to increase your skill
  • Moves backed by text, like being in a class with a teacher
  • Thoroughly detailed form instruction
  • Very accessible, you can learn from this text
  • Basic strikes and form in lesson-by-lesson breakdown
  • Intermediate level Long Fist form
  • Good performance set
  • Incorporated principles and theories


Tan Tui with Ted MancusoDVD#19014  A course in Bagua Volume #1
With Professor Kang GeWu

Here is a long awaited series of videos on the art of BaGua by one of the most influential martial historians of our time. Scrupulously accurate and profoundly informed, Professor Kang Ge-Wu is an authority acknowledged throughout China AND the off-mainland Chinese world as a major researcher in martial lore and history. A graduate in the first group of such scholars in Chinese history Kang has established himself head and shoulders above others as a tireless investigator and a clear thinker.

This FIRST TAPE presents many faces of BaGua. It's really like four tapes in one.

There are numerous examples of different BaGua styles. Then an introduction to postural prinicples and hand positions.

BaGua stepping is clearly shown next. Then BaGua circling exercises. From that point on Kang demonstrates a number of historically accurate essentials. He shows the Big Eight Palms, akin to the "Mother Palms".

He demonstrates a very nice series of Post Standing exercises along with an Eight Part Qigong series.

There is a nice section on the postural requirements of BaGua with both right and wrong examples. Then he shows two entire sets of BaGua Palm changes: He begins with the Eight "Old" Palms, very suitable to someone learning the art. Then he progresses to the famous Chiang style "New" Palms (the same form demonstrated in our Art of Change DVD) which is acknowledged as one of the best sets to enter the BaGua door.

Finally Professor Kang shows BaGua free hands that links the beautiful motions of BaGua together.


This is the first volume of a two volume set. The second volume concentrates on CORRECT Bagua power displayed and shows a special form just for that. If you order this first volume we will send you a coupon for a discount when Volume 2 comes out.

Quantity  $32.50 

Tan Tui with Ted MancusoDVD#19007 10 Road Tan Tui
The Spring Leg Form
By Ted Mancuso, from Plum Publications
See background on this form

The TAN TUI or Spring Leg set is one of the most famous Kung Fu forms in the world. A version of this essential practice lives in many diverse styles such as Shaolin, Muslim Boxing, Praying Mantis and others. It is so fundamental that it is often learned even before the student has decided which style of Kung Fu to follow. This is possible because TAN TUI is so perfectly balanced that it can augment any Kung Fu practice. In TAN TUI you will actually learn long movements, power generation, kicking techniques and speed secrets. This DVD teaches you TAN TUI through...

  • Detailed breakdowns of the different roads.
  • Multiple view with specific comments for footwork, tempo and execution
  • Introductory remarks that will give you an overview of the form
  • Special sections on doing TAN TUI as an exercise or as a set
  • Clear, understandable instruction .
Quantity  $24.50 

Read the author's personal take on Tan Tui.

Blossoms in the Spring: QigongKB008 Blossoms in the Spring: A Perfect Method of Qigong
Narrye Caldwell L.Ac. and Ted Mancuso

SPRING 2023 SALE: Order the set (book and DVD) for $16.25! That is more than a 50% savings.Blossoms in the Spring QIgong sample page

In this exciting new approach to an ancient art the authors explain the complete Blossoms in the Spring, a Taoist exercise for health, serenity and harmonization. The Blossoms in the Spring is a beautiful, graceful regimen which can be performed from almost any position. It captures the relaxation of Qigong and the health concepts of Chinese medicine. Buy Blossoms in the Spring and introduce yourself to a new world of awareness and vitality.


$16.95 Suggested Retail:
PLUM price: $15.25

Buy the Book and DVD together and save 15%! Reg $43.45 disc to $34.50
Regular sale price, $34.50 NOW $16.25 ON SALE for SPRING, 2023

Tai Chi Short SetNEW! DVD#19006 The Tai Chi Short Set
By Ted Mancuso, from Plum Publications

This NEW shortened form of Tai Chi is the perfect introduction to a great art. Developed by teacher Ted Mancuso from his many years of experience, this condensed set contains essential movements for learning and performing an exercise known world-wide as a treasure.

What makes this DVD special? First of all, this set is modular, which means that the essential movements and energies can be broken out for the purposes of both teaching and learning*. Second, it is a good practice set for those who do not necessarily have Tai Chi as their main regimen. It is also good for those who are already doing Tai Chi but want a shorter version for limited space practice. Additionally, this is an easily learned set for teachers who want to introduce a compact version of Tai Chi—the fastest growing martial art in the US—into their curriculum.Yet this is in no way a "dumbed down" form; it still contains the traditional energies and principles. Other features include: a special section on "loop practice" and extracting exercises from the set, a demonstration of Jing issuance and a chapter on form details.
See a review of this DVD.

Quantity  $24.50

* Special Note for Teachers: This modularity also allows new students to enter at any point in the set. You don't have to go back and start them from the beginning.

Wu Ji Qigong Yi Quan
original cover

KW028 WuJiShi Breathing Exercise    
from the teachings of Cai SongFang
$16.95, 101 pages, softbound, illustrations

When I first stumbled on this text, I was unaware of Yi Quan. Therefore my reaction to the book was without concern for its martial origins and applications. I was taken with the commentson its relation to my own first Taiji style, Yang Shi, and the use of the WuJiShi practice by my Great-Grandteacher, Yang Chen Fu.Cai supports this by claiming the WuJiShi was passed down from Yang to Ye De Mi then Jin Ren Lin and then to himself. Cai is responsible for bringing this method to the South and the Guangzhou area. Though quite technical in parts, this is a small gem of inspirational teaching: solid, foundational Qigong in a world suddenly hustling faddish and questionable techniques. Whether you subscribe to the Yi Quan general theory or not, this is a fine source of information.


Beyond Technique

DVD#19005 Beyond Technique
The Art of Possibilities

This DVD, produced by Plum Publications, was the first exposition of John Ottenberg's concepts on tape. This is the original tape converted to DVD without chapters. It's a little rough but you will see John's basics premise of the Motion-Movement and Technique and its radical implication for streamlining self defense. This was originally developed to target the schools that say they teach self defense, but fall short of the mark. Even though it is curriculum oriented, it's teaching foundation is comprised of adaptable fighting material. The material here is thick with possibilities.


Note: One word or advice, John's technique is highly refined so much to as to appear casual. You will have to actually try these motions to understand the level of sophistication involved.

around 50 Minutes    

Quantity  $19.95  
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DVD#19012 Explosive Punching: The Vertical Drop

eXplosive Punching is the catch-all name for a dynamic martial self defense method. Firmly based in classical martial arts, it reverses the normal process of teaching and builds up the traditonal skills in exactly the way they were created: a step-by-step progression, from what works to what works while adding sophistication and creativity as it goes.

It all lies within Ottenberg’s three-step approach to Motion, Movement and Technique, teaching the inner workings of a method developed from his experiences as a fighter, a soldier and an “indoor student” under one of the 20th century’s greatest self-defense instructors.

The differences?
1. You start with an immediate improvement of your punching. Within a few hours of practice you will punch harder and better than you have in your life.
2. You memorize NOTHING; no tricks, no movements, no “techniques”. Nothing. In this method you don’t try to use anything unless it is bone deep.
3. You learn all there is to punching, then go beyond that to master even more complex and devastating actions.
4. From the moment you begin you are exposed to ideas normally reserved for black belts. You are taught not only to customize to your own body but to think for yourself.
5. Every step you learn is complete onto itself. Not only can you use it, but it seamlessly leads to the next step in your training.

Read more about Explosive Punching

Note: One word of advice: John's technique is highly refined, so much to as to appear casual. You will have to actually try these motions to understand the level of sophistication involved.

around 60 Minutes  

Quantity Retail Price: reg $79.95 Our PLUM price only  $34.95 a 50% discount

(Plum discount: Buy two Ottenberg DVD's and receive a 10% discount, buy all 3 and get 15% off!)

Self Defense training with Lima Lama expert, John Ottenberg

DVD#18141 John Ottenberg's First Response Protection System
Instructional Video Series

This base level dvd takes the guesswork out of what works. No longer do you need to memorize techniques, simple everyday movements become lethal responses, taking down even the biggest attacker.

It's not about knowing how to fight, it's about fighting right.


Note: John has been teaching a long time and is a top notch instructor. He's still new to the video process and his ideas come so thick and fast that he can barely finish one sentence before elucidating the next concept. If you take the time to work with what he's presented here it will be well worth it. At first blush it appears to be a very macho hard edged series of almost kick boxing techniques. Nothing could be further from the truth. John's technique is very subtle and mechanically sound. He starts with punching to protect people's fingers. Then, when he introduces his self protection system he has already set up all that's needed to generalize to other situations. It's so simple and effective it can slide right by you if you blink. We've seen John in action and highly regard his work.

around 60 Minutes       

Quantity  $26.95 
(Plum discount: Buy two Ottenberg DVD's and receive a 10% discount, buy all 3 and get 15% off!)

Tian Shan Pai Tai Chi Saber
Now with DVD!
The Bandit Knife: Book & DVD
Kung Fu's Rebellious Weapon:
by Ted Mancuso

144 pages, softbound, photographs and illustrations, DVD ~ 45 minutes. $29.95, Plum price $26.95

"Why practice a weapon one thousand years old? What are the special properties of this Kung Fu instrument? What lessons can a martial artist learn from it? And where does it stand in history? In this unique approach, the author picks a relatively rare armament from the Kung Fu weapons rack and uses it to cut through mysteries of the martial arts.

This book does not merely teach a form; it explores the little known fact that many of Kung Fu's most effective and unsuspected fighting techniques were developed out of armed warfare, not hand-to-hand combat. By handling the Bandit Knife and its principles in a new way, he explores a martial tradition of over one thousand years.

The companion DVD offers a wealth of information on basic training with the Bandit Knife, including grips, fundamental movements, and basic strikes. Then the form is broken down and shown with closeups and details, making it accessible to learn and to practice.

Practice the weapon. Learn the form. Spar with the applications. Each move will show you a new view of this ageless art."


Tai Chi Sword with Ted MancusoDVD#19004 The T'ai Chi Sword
By Ted Mancuso, from Plum Publications

This is a teaching and demonstration tape of the famous Yang Style T'ai Chi Straight Sword (Taiji Jian). Unlike many such tapes there is a good deal of discussion on the manipulation of the sword itself with more than mere replication of postures. This tape gives some feel for the teaching style of Ted Mancuso, ShihFu.

From the Tape: "When all is said and done the T'ai Chi sword is great fun. It preserves the martial heritage that is so essential to a real understanding of T'ai Chi but combines it with the grace and fluidity that we all have come to associate with the art itself. T'ai Chi Sword must fulfill the promise of T'ai Chi by retaining its special flavor and yet functioning as a true display of martial prowess. The sword itself is the perfect symbol of this idea. It has a graceful and flexible body yet is perfectly straight, as straight as the spine of the practitioner. In many ways it is the best symbol of Wu De, martial virtue. Associated with scholars as well as warriors it signifies the ideal of Wen Wu, literature and martial skill combined."

This video contains the following, some items rarely seen:

  • A thorough introductory discussion of the sword itself.
  • Fundamental Exercises with the sword for timing, stepping and flexibility.
  • The T'ai Chi Sword form demonstrated front and side view.
  • Complete breakdown on the steps of learning the form.
  • Applications of T'ai Chi fencing, usage and partner exercises.
    Quantity  $24.50  

Shaolin Cane with Ted MancusoDVD#19003 The Shaolin Cane: Weapon of Self Defense
by Ted Mancuso
About an hour, complete with form and applications

Quantity  $ 29.95 PLUM discount price $24.50 

see viewer comments

In this presentation Ted Mancuso, our resident Kung Fu instructor, utilizes a traditional Shaolin cane set taught to him by one of his teachers, Kwong Wing Lam, to explore the very nature of weapons work. Introductory remarks bring new points to light about the usefulness of weapons work especially, with simple, easily available instruments.

Among the topics covered, Mr. Mancuso discusses and demonstrates:

•Basic strikes and their applicability to all weapons
•Grips and the "flexible hand" concept
•The traditional Northern Shaolin Boxing Cane form
•In-depth stepwise breakdowns of each section of this fast and mobile form
•Examples of applications, including running commentary explaining more than just the movements but the reasoning behind cane defenses.

According to this teacher,
"Over the years students have come to me and say, - I'd like to learn the cane from you.When I ask why they always say something like, - For my father. He's getting old.At that point I have to explain to them that this is one of the most dynamic weapons sets in the entire Shaolin arsenal. After all, if you think about it handing a simple stick to a Kung Fu artists who can do sword, spear, whip and dagger is just like saying "anything goes." This is definitely not your grandfather's cane form."

Bagua Body with Ted MancusoDVD#19002 Bagua: The Art of Change #2
By Ted Mancuso, from Plum Publications see viewer comments

The Bagua Body: moving through change
"Nothing else like it on the market! A complete training tape including reeling silk theory, applications, basics, warm-ups and, of course, the famous Eight Changing Palms. An essential reference for every martial library.  

This DVD offers a course for learning the basics of Ba Gua, T'ai Chi's more advanced sister. It contains clear, detailed instruction. It has specific discussions of theory; not just a "walk through" without background. Ba Gua is fast becoming as popular as T'ai Chi due to its modular method of practice. Tape #2 concentrates on one of the most neglected aspects of BaGua practice, the development of the BaGua body with special exercises selected to improve BaGua practice of ANY STYLE! Some topics covered:

  • Single Limb warms ups
  • BaGua Wheel exercise
  • Many levels of Threading
  • The BaGua Ba Shih (8 Chi Kung Stances)
  • Self-Defense Practice Methods
  • BaGua Spontaneous Applications
  • BaGua Chin Na Applications
  • Tree Training
  • Single Palm San Shou

    Quantity  $32.50
    Buy both tapes for a 20% per cent discount or $52.00 for both Bagua DVDs

Bagua Art of Change DVD#19001 Bagua: The Art of Change #1
By Ted Mancuso, from Plum Publications see viewer comments

The System of Bagua: a whole course in one tape...
"Nothing else like it on the market! A complete training tape including reeling silk theory, applications, basics, warm-ups and, of course, the famous Eight Changing Palms. An essential reference for every martial library.  

This DVD offers a course for learning the basics of Ba Gua, T'ai Chi's more advanced sister. It contains clear, detailed instruction. It has specific discussions of theory; not just a "walk through" without background. Ba Gua is fast becoming as popular as T'ai Chi due to its modular method of practice. Tape #1 gives an over view with a huge amount of information including Chi Kung and Usage. Some topics covered:

  • BaGua Theory: the components of BaGua
  • Circle Walking: BaGua's foundation
  • Chi Kung: Breath BaGua style
  • Basic Hand Changes: and spiral energy
  • Self-Defense Applications: with BaGua flavorBaGua Post Work: rarely seen
  • Complete 8 Changes: the "Set"
  • BaGua Partner Work: Duet practice
  • Just Released! Plum has just published the companion book for this DVD, Learning Bagua Zhang: The Martial Art of Change. Click the link above for a full description.

    Quantity  $32.50
    Buy both tapes for a 20% per cent discount or $52.00 for both


Beyond Technique Contents

In this breakthrough video, 5th degree Black Belt in LimaLama, John Ottenberg turns the entire process of learning self defense on its head. Starting with one basic motion, he demonstrates a whole range of defensive technique adaptable instantaneously. Ottenberg was a personal student of the world famous "Mr. Self Defense", Grandmaster Tino Tuiolosega. Here he presents his own unique insights into the study of self defense. Foremost among these is his concept of Motion•Movement•Technique.

In a packed hour of information this rich video will forever change your view of self defense. Combining lectures, instruction and examples, this tape contains months of training material. And, importantly, every idea is immediately applicable to anyone's self defense training. These core concepts will revitalize all those techniques you've studied and give you what John calls "A Master Key" to their application in reality.

•Interview with John Ottenberg

• Motion•Movement•Technique

•Axis of Rotation

• Height and Fighting

• Inside/Outside

•Spinning Variations

• Flash Training

The techniques in this video start simple but advance to cover all the major considerations of self defense training. With a seemingly almost casual motion of the hands John develops a self defense approach that can bring new life to techniques that have become mechanical and stale.


The Art of Change #1

Hi Debbie,

I really like the DVDs that Ted Mancuso made, and I especially like theway he explains how to do the 8 changing palms while walking the circle.Explaining and demonstrating first in a straight line is really helpful.And I am busy studying and learning the demonstrated version of the 8palms--this may take several months.

-J R


Dear Plum,
... The style you chose for your bagua dvd is so rich, and the DVD so good; I'm enjoying it immensely. It seems that as I work through the 8 changes, each new palm change sort of causes self corrections to the ones before.

Hi Debbie...
....I did get up very early this morning and watch Sifu Mancuso's videos and I was really impressed with the quality and amount of information; additionally it just nice to hear someone say ' all these style look different, they're all authentic.. make 'em your own' I do like the figure it out approach right foots steps out to 47 degrees while you eyes look right, left hand circle 220 degrees... blah blah. To me the value of any of the martial arts tapes I have from Larry Tatum Kempo to Joe Simonet is to be able to WATCH these guys move and say to myself 'ok how do I move like that' From my viewing Sifu Mancuso's tape will be right there with them - so I won't be able to MATCH him - I may be able to ask myself "OK, how do I turn like that or move forward like that' ...

... I just watched the two "Ba Gua: The Art of Change" tapes and I wanted to let you know I think you guys did a great job on them. I myself "just" started learning Ba Gua about a month ago, before that it was Chang Quan and Mi Zong, but I think these are going to help a lot ( they stress the basics which is what my instructor always does.) I hope your other customers realize how much good information you get. Once again, great job!


Hi Shifu Mancuso and Hi Debbie,
I had to write this email. Shifu Mancuso's Bagua Video is the best video on Bagua I have ever seen. I've had instructors in the Bagua Art and none of them has come even close to helping me understand what Bagua is....Until now. This instructional tape is a Godsend. Shifu Mancuso has helped me understand the nature of the art. I have been in Martial Arts for 18 years and I finally know what I want to spend my now limited time studying. Please tell Shifu Mancuso THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO! I will be ordering the Bagua Body as well soon. He is truly better on video than the 3 Instructors I've had in the past( and they were good ). I dont really know what else to say other than thanks for taking time out to make such a comprehensible and available tape that anyone can learn from. You are truly an amazing martial artist and teacher. I hope one day to be able to meet you and with your permission perhaps practice some Bagua.
Again Thank You, Sincerely, AW


The Art of Change #2: Bagua Body

I am really enjoying the Bagua Tape #2. Some very good exercises I haven't seen before. It's about time someone explained the silk-reeling in bagua and actually showed it. Great stuff! My original bagua teacher never mentioned silk reeling, but after studying Chen tai chi for the past few years, Shihfu Mancuso has just hit me over the head with a two-by-four.
:)) KW


Thank You for sending the 2 tapes! They are really well done and I wish they could set the standard for other teaching tapes.

Thank You for Your help..



Shaolin Cane

Ted and Debbie --Wow, your Shaolin Cane video is beautifully produced and rich in technique, wisdom, and cat-fu. Thank you so much for dedicating your experience to this project; it is a joy to learn from -- for those of us not living near Santa Cruz.

The DVD is excellent quality. I expected a somewhat funky video from your online promotion. You probably should make it clear that it’s now a DVD, for those who don’t have a DVD player. ...
Thanks again!!-- BG