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Demonstrator/Teacher: Liang Nai Zhao is the Chair of the GuangZhou Association of Choy Li Fut. He learned the art from his mother, Zheng Shu Ling (a student of Chen Yao Xi), and Pan Fen, a Kung Fu uncle of his mother's generation. He is a fifth generation holder of CLF claiming many students. .

What can you say? We have long been admirers of this style, one of the great Southern Fists. CLF has 100+ sets and is composed of the union of three major systems along with the LuoHan Chi Kung.

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Choy Lai Fut Intercepting Tiger FormDVD#24423  Intercepting Tiger Form

This is a relatively short and well known CLF form. The movements are fast and precise with some body turning and an occasional kick. A very good form if you want to catch the flavor of the style.


About 53 minutes.

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Choy Lai Fut Intercepting Tiger FormDVD#24424 Cross Clasping & Hitting

Cross-clasping and hitting are a pair of movements which are considered to be essential to CLF application. It combines thought and action. The opponent attacks then the CLF student chases and hits. This form emphasizes quick responses. According to the teacher the order for learning is Five Wheel Footwork, Five Wheel Punching, Small Plum Blossom, Small Cross and then this intermediate form. This is an undertaking; with 130 moves in the form. This VCD does show applications (we think against Liang's wife) for most of the movements.

About 100 minutes.

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Choy Lai Fut Intercepting Tiger FormDVD#24425 Small Plum Blossom

Mei Flower Fist. This is considered another of the shorter forms of the CLF style which is rich in forms. It is suitable for beginners but is actually quite a nice form. The hands, which are dominant, are softer and a bit shorter than in other CLF forms. Applications are given and, because it is of shorter length, the names are given step-by-step along with front and back views.

About 52 minutes.

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Choy Lai Fut Intercepting Tiger FormDVD#24426 Five Wheel Footwork

As far as introductory sets go, this might be thought of as an act of genius. The Five Wheel set is ninety per cent footwork and stance changing. It is required for the mastering of CLF. What's brilliant is that the next set is the essentially the same set with arms added. In the old days this was a common way to teach but it is hard nowadays because people want to skip the footwork. This set is a fundamental one created, it is said, by CLF's founder: Chen Xiang. It combines the footwork of the North and the South. The five wheels are composed of curvature relating to the arms, the body line when rotating, the leg hooking, the footwork and the waist.

About 52 minutes.

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Choy Lai Fut Intercepting Tiger FormDVD#24427 Five Wheel Punching

This set is a fundamental one said to be created by CLF's founder: Chen Xiang. It concentrates on blending Northern and Southern punches and especially coordinating footwork with arm motions. This is considered a mandatory set for mastering CLF and comes right after Five Wheel Footwork in the training schedule.

About 55 minutes.

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