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Lost Track Kung Fu WeaponsWu Dang Sword   - TC 144  
by Chen Xiang Ling
$10.25 Traditional Chinese Characters;
150 pages, softbound, 140 photograph.

This is the traditional charcter version of our Sc104, the same book. There are a number of sword forms almost legendary, having stood the tests of time and taste. We have the treasures named, San Cai, Kun Wu, Green Duckweed and, of course, the Wu Dang sword. Renovated somewhat by the master swordsman, Li Jing Ling, this was considered one of the finest sword plays of the last century. Many masters studied with Li and this version is well represented by a strong, limber and exact presentation through the photographs.


Lost Track Kung Fu WeaponsShaolin Three Road Five Word Boxing   - TC 521 
By Ding Xiao Se
$10.25 Traditional Chinese Characters;
176 pages, illustrations, softbound, 263 drawings.

This set originates in the Shaolin Temple. It is Three Road Five Word Boxing. It was created in the Ming dynasty. At that time Shaolin had five famous monks. From here, through the efforts of a Shaolin master teacher it was eventually spread to ShanDong, HeBai, and outside the temple. This is a fairly complex set shown in good line drawings. The set does not start until figure #86 because there is a lot of discussion on structure such as the five words, the proper movement, stances, etc.; also internal training. Usually these lower priced book look a little thrown together but this seems to be a serious effort to show organized information.



Green Dragon Single Sword  - TC 526
by Shi Jian Qing 石劍青
$8.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
100 pages, illustrations, softbound.

A nice, graceful sword in this modest hand written-style text series. The movements breakdown here for straight sword is: Pi 劈 , Ce 刺, Gua 掛,Liao 撩,Dian 點,Beng 崩,Yun 雲,Ma 抹,Zhan 斬,Jie 截,Chuan 穿,Jia 架,Ji 擊,Ge 格,Xue 削,Sao 掃 etc.. Handwritten style text and small double illustrations at the page bottom show the twists and turns of this form.



Pre-Heaven Tai Chi Ruler
先天氣功太極尺功法圖解 - TC 524
by Chen Hong Zhen 陳洪鎮
$15.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
100 pages, photographs, softbound.

HuaLian ChuBanShe, 1985 reprint.
The Tai Chi Ruler was only shown to the public in the early years of the Twentieth Century. From there it has fascinated many and also spawned a legion of imitations and interpretations of varying levels of quality. If nothing else this is a very intriguing book with many exercises including the Ruler, the Ball, Two person Ruler and more. One of the front pieces lays claim, with a photograph, to Zhao Zhong Tao with dates of 1844 to 1962. Yes, you read that right...



New Book of Effective Disciplines - TC 523
by Qi JiGuang
$17.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
340 pages, many old illustrations, softbound.

This is one of the most FAMOUS books in all of Chinese Martial Arts history. This text by the hero Qi Ji Guang tells of methods Wushu practice that influenced such arts as Tai Chi Chuan, military maneuvers, tactics and methods. Click here to find out about its legendary author.



Empty Hand 20 Methods - TC 520
by Wang Zi Ping
8.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
79 pages, over 150 illustrations, softbound.

This is a general form shown both singly and in partner format. The movements are Long Fist looking like Cha or Hong. This is a hand written Chinese text with many small but very clear illustrations of a female demonstrator.



Wu Dang 8 Drunken Immortals Boxing - TC 519
by Chen Yue Jian
$9.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
63 pages, over 120 illustrations, softbound.

The Eight Drunken Immortals are of course members of the Chinese pantheon. Each of them started as a mortal who realized his or her immortality through Taoism. This book gives a little history in Chinese of the Wu Dang style including some of its famous influences such as Cheng San Feng and Ba Gua Palms. It shows a medium sized form based on drunken boxing movements many of them unlike those of Contemporary Wu Shu. The line drawings show not only the form but basic stretches and skills of Drunken Boxing.



FuJian Shaolin Dog Boxing - TC 515
by Chen Zhi Fan
$15.75 Traditional Chinese Characters;
164 pages, photographs, softbound.

Fu Jian Shaolin Gou Quan. Here is a book on FuJian Dog Boxing. It is similar to that by Ding Xiao Se but definitely another book. This one shows, in fairly clear photographs, the basics of Dog Boxing including back bends. As always this style highly emphasizes ground work and floor techniques. It shows what appears to be the standard FuJian Two Person set which, in this style, shows the essential usage of the style. There is also a section of a form and another section on applications for fighting techniques.

Learn more about Dog Boxing.



Snake, Cat & Crane Mixed Boxing - TC 513
by Zhu Yun Shan
$10.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
139 pages, illustrations, softbound.

She Mao He Hun Xing Quan. This is a reissue of an older book with photographs. This Southern Shaolin set combines some of the lesser known animals of Kung Fu: the Snake, the Cat and the Crane. Though the illustrations are not as good as the original photographs they do give some feeling for this form. Then what is interesting in this book is that the form only takes up about half of the text. The rest of the Chinese is commentary on the art of Tai Chi. Why? You decide.



Shaolin Dog Style Boxing Manual - TC 509
by Ding Xiao Se
$13.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
267 pages, illustrated, softbound.

Shaolin Gou Quan Tu Shuo. This is the one of the few books we have ever seen on the relatively rare style of Shaolin Dog Boxing. Dog Boxing always refers to styles that fall to the ground as one of their defenses. This book starts with the basics and adds a partial form as an example of the style. Some of the forms demonstrated include Double Bat form, 36 Moves, Three Battles, Attack and Defense Partner Practice.
Learn more about Dog Boxing.


Shaolin White Eyebrow Boxing - TC 507
by Ye Yu Ting
$12.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
130 pages, illustrated, softbound.

Shaolin Bai Mei Quan Shu. This is one of the few books on the Short Arm style known as White Eyebrow. There is one interesting aspect here, if you are familiar with the legends about White Eyebrow, that this book purports to be "Shaolin" White Eyebrow. But this is Er-Mei (O Mei) White Eyebrow and takes its lineage from the Shaolin Temple in the Emei area (one of the ten Shaolin temples in China at one time). The short set is the "Straight Step Boxing." Exercises and applications are shown. Illustrations are obviously tracings from photos. Calligraphy is hand written.
Some background on Pak Mei Boxing.



Shaolin Six Harmony Boxing - TC 503
by Ding Shao Sz
$7.25 Traditional Chinese Characters;
96 Pages Softbound - illustrations.

This little text, by the same author of the other Shaolin book TC 411, gives a short Liu He set with resemblance to the Long Arm of Tan Tui. This is a hand written text with some front notes before the instruction on the rather short form.


Chuo Jiao - TC 501
by Shi Chin Song
$24.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
514 Pages Hardbound - illustrations,

If you want to know something about Chuo Jiao (Penetrating Foot) boxing this is the book. 514 pages with hundreds of illos it offers a comprehensive view of the Chuo Jiao system. Besides starting with basic stances and movements this book has nine complete forms from the system with names such as 18 Kicks, 9 Knights. There are many actions showing the distinctive Chuo Jiao back kicks.

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FuJian Crane Boxing Classified - TC 512
by Li Zai Luan
$11.25 Traditional Chinese Characters;
137 pages, old photographs, softbound.

FuJian He Quan Mi Yao. This is a famous and classic book on FuJian Crane boxing. The photographs approach the funky with Li Zai Luan resembling a fugitive from Silicon Valley then posing in short pants and flexing his muscles. But there is a wonderful truthfulness to the shots of different adult students posing with weapons and performing the tight, Short Fist applications of the Crane Boxing. Full page pictures, group shots and Crane boxing exercises highlight this great reprint.


Chin Na Kung Fu

Sun Lu Tang's Collected Writings - TC 528
$22.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
illustrations and photographs, softbound

Here is a compilation of the five books that helped make Sun Lu Tang one of the most famous Martial Artists of the 20th century. Included are his books on Bagua, Xing Yi, Tai Chi, Bagua Sword and general martial studies. This somewhat replaces the earlier edition from Lion Books which also carried all five volumes. A definite collector's item (at least in some form) for anyone assoaciated with the Chinese Martial Arts. Also available in an edition with Simplified Chinese characters