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The history of Kung Fu is just being assembled. Sometimes a picture, or a small description can indeed help with the research. Here, presented for the aid of the interested, is a collection of pictures and descriptions. We have no idea if these will ever be available again in any form. They do record a very important phase of Chinese WuShu when publishing was just beginning in the field. We welcome contributions to this section from other collectors.

These books are NOT AVAILABLE through PLUM at the present time.


Choy Lai Fut Wooden Dummy - TC 8011050R Not for Sale
by Ho Ngau
Traditional Chinese Characters

100 Pages, photographs, softbound

First you should know that, unlike Wing Chun, Choy Lai Fut has many different kinds of dummies for training. Characteristically they each have a moving part built into their design. This is no exception. This little book features the training methods on the Long Mobile Arm dummy. Besides the training set it has a number of sections in ENGLISH on such topics as Sifu Ho Ngau himself and palm techniques on the dummy. The photography is not great but this has been a noted addition to collector's libraries for decades.

Mok Gar boxing - TC 8021050W Not for Sale
by Jin Yi Ming
Traditional Chinese

107 pages, photographs, softbound

It's hard to imagine how popular Mok Gar is considering it is so difficult to get information about this Southern Boxing style. We have an iformation box if you are interested in some of its key points. In the LingNam (Southern Boxing) group it is definitely considered on of the big Five Families. Mook is well known for its kicks and its no-nonsense fighting attitude. This Zhong Quan is the "Seed Boxing" which is a fundamental Mok Gar form. A young man demonstrates the form and there is a long section in the front about the instructors experiences as a martial artist. These are not newly printed but old enough to have a little foxing on the pages. Probably the 80's...

Lama boxing from Tibet - TC 8041595R Not for Sale
By Luo Wei Qiang (Loh Wai Keuhng)
Traditional Chinese Characters

121 pages, photographs, softbound

Known variously as Hop Gar, White Crane and Tibetan Lama (La-Ma) style, this fine system is rarely represented in the written word. This practitioner, Sifu Loh, appeared on many magazines in the 70's and 80's promoting his Lama style. This particular set is known, interestingly enough, as Soft Baji Boxing. There is a fine section in the front with much biographical information on the style and the instructors. The photographs are exceptionally large and the format somewhat unsual in imitation of hand bound and sewn books of the 19th century and earlier.

Drunken Fist and Yang Taiji Sword

Taiji Inner Practice and Health Sun style, Taiji Ruler & Ball - TC 7271695W Not for Sale
by Guan Yong Nian

Traditional Chinese Characters
118 pages, photographs, softbound

Don't expect great condition on any of these collectible books from the Hubei Science and Technology Press, but they are treasures nonetheless. This book shows Sun style, Taiji Ruler and Taiji ball exercises. Gong Yong Nian was the student of Zhao Zhong Dao and became his disciple in 1954.He therefore represents one of the two most popular branches of Taii Ruler (the other is from Hu Guang Fa of Hong Long, student of Chen Da Cai). Guan is also expert in Sun style Taji and gives an, internal, version of the set here. While not the best photography and the covers are prone to scratches, just about everything in this traditional-character series from mainland China is an unsual and interesting additon to your library.

Drunken Eight Immortals Boxing - TC 8052295W Not for Sale
By Lung Fei Yun
Traditional Chinese Characters

249 pages, photographs, softbound

This book says it is a "Complete introduction" to the style known as Drunken Eight Immortals. This is one of the few styles which is entirely "drunken". Most styles have a drunken section and people are often in error thinking that drunken fists are common and independent branches. There is a lot of discussion in the text about the theory and principles of the Drunken Boxing. The form, simply Drunken Eight Immortal Boxing Method, is peppered with applications through hundreds of photographs.

Drunken Fist and Yang Taiji Sword

Sha Guo Zheng - TC 8171795W Not for Sale
by Sha Guo Zheng

Traditional Chinese Characters
118 pages, photographs, softbound

Don't expect great condition on any of these collectible books from the Hubei Science and Technology Press, but they are treasures nonetheless. This particular text is a feast of Sha Guo Zheng material. In it he demonstrates the Lion Palm of Bagua, the Chicken Fist of Xing Yi and the Wu Dang 8 Immortals Sword with applications against a spear. As we've said before not great condition and the photography leaves much to be desired but these traditional-character volumes from mainland China circa 1994 are just about all keepers; and this one certainly is.

LION BOOK Bibiographical Section

LionBooks #LBPM-A2011075 (Out of print) Not for Sale
by Gao Tao Sheng

A very clear presentation of a Praying Mantis form. 4 Methods Running Strike is said to be mostly based on Long Fist but to combine Short Fist applications also. The book is a nice instructional text with an older Gao Shihfu himself demonstrating . Color photos in the back show applications selected from the set. Beautifully laid out, each page of text opposite a high quality photo.

LionBooks # LBPM- -A2021075U Not for Sale
by Gao Tao Sheng

Tiger Swallow is a form of contrasts. Essentially simple and easy to learn it specializes in "Big Opening and Big Closing", straight forward techniques typical of Mantis, and some quick changes. Beautifully laid out, each page of text opposite a high quality page of photos.

Note: This book is in Chinese AND ENGLISH!

Lion Books #LBWC-A3010975 Not for Sale
by Tsai Hui-Lung

"3 Battles"- San Jiang in Chinese- is a well known set/routine in the White Crane style known as "Long Limbed White Crane". This set is known as the "Mother Fist" of Long Limbed White Crane in that this set contains the essence of that style of White Crane.
This set is the set that became the Sanchin (3 Battles) kata of Japanese Karate.

LionBooks #LBTC-A4070805 Not for Sale
Yang Style Tai Chi Clearly Explained
Yang Chen Guo

A good explanation of an 85 posture version of the Yang style Tai Chi with emphasis on ease and clear movement. While not emphasizing the more difficult aspects of posture (low stances, extended frame, etc.) the author has retained Yang style's flavor and mechanics. An inexpensive book with excellent photographs.

Bagua Lion Books #-A5011695 Not for Sale
BaGua Basics and Mother Palms
by Kuan Pao-Chi & He Jing-Han, Click picture to enlarge

A well done text on some of the basics of BaGua. Extreme stretches and many references photographs of proper positions and demonstrations of strong postures. Basic chaning palms demonstrated with serious discussion on BaGua principles including rotation of the limbs. Though "basics" these are not the kind of simple moves you see presented in so many texts. BaGua flavor preserved..

Yi Quan writings

LionBooks #LBBG-A5202195 Not for Sale
Wang Xiang Zhai Boxing Studies (Yi Quan)
by Chen Yun Ch'ing

During the beginning of the 20th century a movement arose to simplify the practice of Chinese Martial Arts. From Xing Yi, already a finely tuned and concentrated form of martial movement, Master Wang developed Ta Cheng Chuan - Great Achievement Boxing. Centered simultaneously around fighting theory and standing practice, Ta Cheng attempts to catch the essence of martial spirit. This book, in its turn, attempts to capture the marrow of Ta Cheng. Many photos of exercises, some applications, even the straight sword. This is one of the most complete texts ever available on the subject. 420 pages.

Classic Reprint: LBRP-C0021395
BaGua Fist Authentic Teachings
Sun Hsi Kun
149 pages, $13.95

This is a wonderful early BaGua text by Mr. Sun a student of Cheng YouLong the son of Cheng Ting Hua. This book shows the 8 classic Palm changes, then has sections on Standing, two person work, BaGua knives, BaGua sword, BaGua Big Knife, BaGua FangTian and more. Photographed in front of a hypnotic spiral design this is a famous text from the very early days of BaGua publishing.


Plum also sells a translation of this text...

Classic Reprint: LBRP-C0131395 186 pages Not for Sale
Writings on the Kun Wu Sword (out of print)
by Huang Yuan Xiou

Written in 1931 (republished in 2002), this is a classic text on the Kun Wu Sword. Huang Yuan Xiou not only discusses sword basics, construction and philosophy, but demonstrates a two-person set. Margin notes clarify textual points. Photographs, though old, are clear and easily understood. The traditional Chinese characters are very cleanly printed. 43 illustrations, mostly photographs. A nice text. Huang Yuan Xiou was a student of the famous martial artist and swordsman, Li Jing Lin. In fact he was even the author of the book on Li's major form: the Wu Dang Sword.

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