Visual Bibliography: Traditional Chinese Characters

The history of Kung Fu is just being assembled. Sometimes a picture, or a small description can indeed help with the research. Here, presented for the aid of the interested, is a collection of pictures and descriptions. We have no idea if these will ever be available again in any form. They do record a very important phase of Chinese WuShu when publishing was just beginning in the field. We welcome contributions to this section from other collectors.

These books are NOT AVAILABLE through PLUM at the present time.


LionBooks #LBTB A6011195
Complete Book of Chinese Weapons
(out of print)
by Chang Du Yi

A thorough discussion of ancient Chinese weapons . Not only are there historical notes but neat old-style pictures of the weapons and the warriors employing them. A scholarly research book covering many weapons common and unusual.This book mentions all "18 original weapons" and catalogs instruments from the simple saber to the "Flying Hammer".

XING YI MOTHER FISTS -TC 1021095Not for Sale
by Chiang Yung-Chiao

Traditional Chinese Characters

Over 232 pages, Softbound
XING YI MU CHUAN. This is a good reprint of a classic book on Xing Yi's Five Elements Fist. Old Photographs illustrate the movements of the Five Fists and some supplementary exercises. There are the "Songs of the Five Elements", the "Song of San Ti" and the Linking Element Form. A really nice classic reprint. Chiang Yung-Chiao was the famous student of Xing Yi boxer Chang Chao-Tung a friend of Cheng Ting Hua.

7 SEVEN STAR PRAYING MANTIS -TC 1071350 Not for Sale
Traditional Chinese Characters

222 pages, softbound
This is actually a very nice text on Tang Lang with a special emphasis on usage. Clear photographs and text. Traditional Chinese but excellent layout makes everything ease. Tang Lang Hand is represented but so is a lot of information about one and two person practice, postures, applications. A decent presentation of the Seven Star branch.

YUE FLYING FIST -TC 1080695ENot for Sale
by Yuan Chu Tsai
Traditional Chinese Characters

44 pages, Softbound
A hard-to-find book reprinted from the original plates with scratchy photos and traditional characters. But these books by Zhao were really some of the basic ones martial artists of the 20th century grew up with. This one demonstrates a set from the Buddha Fist. Short pants, strong horse, a small collector's item. We don't think these will remain on the market for long.

by Various
Traditional Chinese Characters, click picture to enlarge

192 pages Softbound - NO ILLUSTRATIONS
Now we're getting scholarly. Practicing or doing research on Praying Mantis? This is the text for you. After a few introductory words on the branches of Mantis this entire book is a listing of the postures in many, many Mantis forms. That's right which postures in which forms. No illustrations, no applications. Why would we sell this? Because for the researcher who needs it this would be invaluable. So here 'tis.

by Ling Gui Ching
Traditional Chinese Characters

78 pages, Softbound - Drawings & Photos
ChiShiEr Ba ChinNah Fa NeiPien. This is a classic on Xing Yi that has lived in many people's martial libraries for decades. Demonstrated by Ding Yun-Chin this book combines very clear drawings with strong but old photographs showing excellent Xing Yi form. Five Element Boxing is show with footwork graphs for movement. Much background text in Chinese.


SHAOLIN FIST SECRET Methods 172 Postures - TC 114675 Not for Sale
by He Que-Hu
Traditional Chinese Characters

292 Pages, Softbound. Photographed. SHAOLIN QUAN MI FA 172 SHI . A charming, series of line drawn figures illustrates this classic text. Traditional and ancient Shaolin poses are strung together to form one of the classic Five Animals sets from Song Shan Mountain. Although the drawings themselves are simple they are actually quite clear in demonstrating postures and even some of the details of the moves. The Chinese text provides the necessary transitions to the illustrated postures. In case anyone can't remember the Five animals are: Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Snake and Crane and are said to be a major inspiration in the formation of the Shaolin Temple Boxing.

The Practice of Soft & Hard Secret Formulas - TC1220795Not for Sale
Traditional Chinese Characters

154 Pages Softbound - photographs
Probably the most excerpted book in the entire Chinese martial cannon. This has wonderful and almost child like illustrations of many special exercises with facing page explanantions. Cinnebar Palm, Heavy Body, Light Body and all sorts of contraptions and self imposed tortures for the aspiring Shaolin expert. A great book well reprinted.

Shaolin EAGLE CLAW Boxing - TC1230895 Not For Sale
by Liu Fa Meng (Cantonese: Lau Fat Man)
Traditional Chinese Characters

76 Pages Softbound - photographs
Father of Gini and Lili Lau, Lau ShihFu is without a doubt one of the most famous Eagle Claw stylists of all time. This book mainly shows his students stretching and posing in classic Eagle Claw postures. It is an overview of the system starting with an introduction on the early years of Lau's training and his love for "hao Wu Gong." Other sections show lineage chart, discuss footwork, bodywork, strength development, practicing the art and the Eagle Claw system itself.

The Common Basis of Martial Arts - TC1260008 Not For Sale
by Wan Lai Sheng (1903-1995)
Traditional Chinese Characters

344 Pages Softbound - photographs and illustrations
This book, The Common Basis of Martial Arts, was published in 1927. From a scholar's family, Wan learned many martial arts but eventually developed his skills in two Zi Ran Men and Liu He Quan (Natural Fighting and Six Harmony Boxing). Wan was a highly influential teacher and writer in the martial field. A national champion he was often associated with Gu Ru Zhang, the head of the Northern Shaolin School. Wan's book, quite famous, covers many topics such as Chi Kung, weapons, archery, Six Harmony forms, and national pride. Long before Bruce Lee he was a very modern exponent of functional martial arts. A major figure in the transition period of China and Chinese arts.

Xing Yi Quan Pu (Boxing Manual) - TC1311095 Not For Sale
by Bao Ding (1903-1995)
Traditional Chinese Characters with simplified introduction

77 Pages Softbound - old photographs
Xing Yi Quan Pu Zheng Bian - Gu Ben.
With a strong introductory section this book details the Four Fists Eight Postures (Si Quan Ba Shi) of Xing Yi. This reprint of a valuable and rare book by Bao Ding also discusses the mechanics of the system and is an early record of its fine points. Bao himself (1865-1942) was a student of An DaQing who, in turn, received his instruction from Mai ZhunagTu. He wrote the first publically available book on Xin Yi in 1931 after his "Illustrated Explanation to Internal Methods in 13 Sections" in 1927.



by Yuan Chu Tsai

Traditional Chinese Characters

47 pages, Softbound
A hard-to-find book reprinted from the original plates with scratchy photos and traditional characters. These books by Yuan were pretty much in everyone's library for the last forty years. In this he demonstrates an actual Mei Hua Pole forms with six inch poles on a linoleum floor. But if there's one thing about Yuan, he's traditional. The stances look like they were carved from stone.

by Yuan ChuTsai
Traditional Chinese Characters

48 pages, Softbound Photographs
Most people who are familiar with Southern style Kung Fu have heard of the Buddha Fist (Fut Gar). But here from one of the classical writers on martial arts is a "Northern" Buddha Fist. Not in the greatest condition because these books from from old bookstores in Chinatown but not easy to find. Old photographs, great stances, neat old edition.

SHAOLIN JIN GANG FIST- TC 2111250 Not for Sale
by Chin Ching-Feng

Traditional Chinese Characters

153 Pages Softbound - Photographed
A good book with Jin Gang as the basic set shown with small but clear photos. Also sections on Shaolin basics, Chi Kung, hand positions and training equipment. The demonstrator has excellent form.

SHIAO NIEN TOU- TC 2120895 Not For Sale
by Lin Yun Chieh & Ying Fen-Fang

Traditional Chinese Characters

122 Pages Softbound - Line Drawings
Some people collect everything on Wing Chun Pai they can get their hands on. This is a neat little edition (about 4 by 6 1/2) on the Little Idea form of Wing Chun with some of the cleanest and clearest illustrations we've ever seen (obviously taken from photos but beautifully rendered nonetheless). Click the picture and see what we mean.

72 HANDS - TCCN 2130795N Not for Sale
Traditional Chinese Characters

143 pages, Softbound - Line Drawings
ChiShiEr Ba ChinNah Fa NeiPien. We had the pleasure and fascinating experience of studying from an old master of the 72 Hands style (also called the Devil's Hand) by the name of Won Baines Hong. Hong was a martial magician of the first order and some day we'll talk more about him. This is a Chin Nah manual and you will note there is no author listed. Why? Because it is a line drawing reissue of an original book by Li Ying-Arng. Actually the line drawings and anatomy charts are really clear and nicely done. Mostly text though but a good addition to the library.

Qing Ping Kung FU Sword

Shaolin 12 Hooks - TC2271095
by Chiu Chen Zhong
Soft bound , Traditional Chinese Characters

76 pages, Illustrations
The Double Hook Swords is one of the most advanced weapons in the Kung Fu arsenal. It is sometimes known as "ten weapons" because it has attributes of the sword, saber, dagger, elk horn knives and cane (double for two hand, that makes ten). This basic set has reasonably sized illustrations and those double dotted line drawings which have helped so many people learning from books and driven not a few crazy. Keeps to the basics of the weapon such as the "parallel" rule for performance.

Qing Ping Kung FU Sword

Sword Technique Illustrated - TC2281150
by Song Geng Ping
Soft bound , Traditional Chinese Characters

Over 130 pages, Illustrations
This little book is unusual in that it delves into sword usage with more than just a form. It has everything from exercises to warm you up, to the basic sword movements, to mini-forms for practice, then to more esoteric exercises and, finally, partner work.

Xing Yi Hands and Weapons with Liu Dian Chen
Xing Yi Boxing Art Selection - TC2311195
by Liu Dian Chen
Soft bound , old photos, Traditional Chinese Characters

113 pages, Illustrations
Xing Yi Quan Shu Jue Wei
The son of
Liu Qi Lan (1819-1889: student of Li Fei Yu)
, Liu Dian Chen gives us a sample of his Xing Yi art with sections illustrateds by charming photographs on empty handed boxing, straight sword play and spear play. The price of the book is justified by the photographs alone. The hand secrtion includes the five elements, the animals and a short demosntration of a mixed set. Very nice collectible.