Chen Style TC
with Li EnJiu

New & Forthcoming!

More Stuff?? We are once again expanding all our sections including VCDs ...problem is, it's growing so fast that we haven't the time to review and post everything at once.

Why can't I order now? For one thing, we will not sell a style we haven't seen. We can't very well provide our review it if we haven't watched it. Then, we need to do the basic translation of the title, contents and the name of the Performer/Teacher. Finally, of course, there is a lot out there that is NOT worth offering. We get samples, we review, we order stock, we translate, we catalogue, we post.

When can I order? Soon! And if you want to receive notification when they arrive, click on the title and send us an email. We'll put you top of the list.

Wu Chi Style

Xing Yi
a new series

Wu Style TC
with Gao LianCheng

PLUS more , Tai Chi Mantis, Lost Track and others. Remember, we take the time to actually look at what we're selling. It takes a bit longer but it's our passion...

Now you know as soon as we post this, another batch will show up and we'll be behind again...But we'll do our best to keep this current, and add new stuff as it arrives!