The Hakka Testimonial

Hakka Kung Fu book300 Years of Hakka Kung Fu is definitely a gift book for a martial collector/scholar.

Last year Hong Kong, after having erected a statue of Bruce Lee, sponsored an exhibition of 300 years of Hakka Kung Fu. This was a good decision because the cluster of Kung Fu styles that make up the constellation of Hakka WuShu is gradually dimming, and may even blink out of existence.

There are no techniques, forms, or sparring sessions in this text. It is a book about a certain people—the “vagabonds” of China—their culture, and a connecting chain of love for Kung Fu. The book is extra-sized, hard backed and beautiful. Some great photos, mostly of teachers and beautiful landscapes, printed on excellent paper.

The book covers the Hakka history, then moves to individual portraits and expositions of specific masters, their backgrounds, thought and hopes for Kung Fu’s future. This is a book about families, blood-bonded or not. They are family because they share the same ideas. Hakka Kung Fu






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  1. ALL People’s Views and Values change at any given point in history. The Chinese values no different;China’s young people Values have changed.Few youth enjoy the task of very hard kung-fu training. The World of business and Schooling comes First.maybe down the path,Kung-fu. Just My 2cents.

  2. WELL DONE Companion Volume to the Visual Exhibition in Hong-Kong. A BIG Thank You to Plum and Company. Elliott. Ps. THE BOOK is 100% GOLD.

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