The Tai Chi Ruler,Continuing Story

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The more I see of the Tai Chi Ruler the more interesting the story gets. I’ve written elsewhere about a word-of-mouth revelation that there is indeed an entire martial style based on the ruler, a family style once jealously guarded. Whether apocryphal or not, I can see that this simple instrument is widely adaptable to both Qigong and martial studies. Our newest edition is in Chinese, but so clearly taught in this combination full-color book and companion VCD, that all movements can be gleaned from the instruction. This version by Professor Zhang Guang De, incorporates those simple actions we normally see with the ruler into routines that also have wider, stronger and more beautiful martial-style moves.

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  1. Thomas Kiefer says:

    I am wondering if the martial use of the ruler is similar to that of the Koga stick, developed by Robert Koga. It’s about 7 inches long, and is used like a miniature police baton I believe. It looks very similar to the stick pictured above.

  2. Plum Staff says:

    THe TC ruler is about twice the length of the Koga and not really designed for end use though of course anything is possible in the hands of a good martial artist. To the best of my understanding the techniques for combat derived from the ruler are based on its ability to teach proper hand management. At its most basic the ruler helps people integrate their two hands with their core.

  3. Thomas Kiefer says:

    Thank you for your informative reply! Will Plum carry any TC rulers, or do you know of any reputable place that does? Thank you!

  4. Erik House says:

    The Tai Chi Shi/Ruler (as I was originally taught by one of BP Chang’s students) is mostly used as a Qigong tool, however it can be used as a striking weapon (and also as a blunt stabbing weapon), hence the beveled edges. The Tai Chi Stick/Bang has more martial applications because its primary use was to help train Chin Na practice, including gripping, bending, and also stretching the wrists and other joints.

  5. Plum Staff says:

    We can get these for you if you contact us directly!

  6. Rich Mooney says:

    PS: The Chinese pin yin term “Chr” in Taiji Chr / Tai Ch’i Chi (Chih, Chr)does not actually mean “Ruler”. It is however a distance of measurement. 尺. As to the length of a Ruler, it is typically cut to a length of about 10.5 inches.

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