Coming Early 2007!          Adam Hsu's much anticipated...

Lone Sword Against the Cold Cold Sky

Here it is, the first look at the book we've been working on for over a year! It will be out soon enough (we're aiming for Chinese New Year) but thought you might like a sneak peek. Additionally, we are publishing an interview we conducted with Sifu Hsu which has never seen print before. As a registered member of PLUM will you get a discount on the book? Of course! Look for details in our long overdue newsletter.

Without a doubt one of the finest series of writing ever to appear in English on the art and practice of Kung Fu. These essays and articles will become a permanent part of your reading and thinking about this complex, beautiful and highly effective art. Adam Hsu expresses opinions and displays research that challenges and re-thinks the common cliches. At the same time he offers real solutions for the "kung fu mess" and methods for people, even without proper instruction, to improve and deepen their arts. These writings span almost two decades an are the creme of the work that helped to make Adam Hsu an internationally recognized and respected teacher.

SPECIAL SECTION: Read our exclusive interview with Sifu Adam Hsu.

EXCERPT: Get a glimpse of what's to come in the Table of Contents.


















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